Everyone has nose hair. These tiny hairs have a purpose and you do need them. But, when the hairs closest to the opening grow longer and are visible outside the nasal canal, trimming or removing them becomes a cosmetic situation. However, removing nose hairs the wrong way can actually be dangerousnose-hair-removal

Your skin and nose harbor bacteria. Any cut or opening invites bacteria inside, which can create infection. With MRSA an ever-present possibility, it’s a good idea to take special care when removing nose hair.

Here are some tips for safer nose hair removal

  • Use a grooming tool. They’re inexpensive and they do a good job. Keep them clean!
  • Use baby scissors. These have a blunt tip that won’t pierce the skin.
  • Use tweezers with caution. “De-germ” your nasal canal first by cleaning the canal and coating with an antibiotic ointment. If you notice tenderness, swelling or redness after tweezing, see your doctor pronto.
  • Laser – it hurts but once the hairs at the perimeter of the nose opening are gone, the problem is gone.
  • Don’t go too far into the nose opening. Attend only to hairs that protrude. You need the hairs to keep things in balance and to prevent a perpetual runny nose.

Laser nose hair removal?

It can be done, but be prepared for some discomfort. Fortunately it’s a very small area to treat. Laser hair removal.