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Facial Redness, Veins and Rosacea

Since men aren’t too likely to use concealers or makeup, red areas, facial veins and Rosacea are much more of an appearance problem. Rosacea can make you look flustered, embarrassed or suggest you’ve had cocktails before breakfast. “Getting the red out” becomes a confidence issue.

Facial redness treatment before and after

Why do I have facial veins?

Facial veins are a result of sun exposure for the most part and they occur because of repeated capillary expansion. That suntan that most people think gives a healthy look is doing underground damage all along. Whether golfing, sailing or simply enjoying the sun, you’re putting all those tiny veins in jeopardy. Once broken or enlarged, the show through in the skin can’t be managed outside of medical intervention.

Facial veins and redness on the neck – Vbeam / Yag

More visible veins, or those which come as a result of Rosacea, are best treated with Vbeam laser and or Yag laser. Laser targets the color red and is an excellent way to dissipate visible veins on the face and nose. The sensation is one of a rubber band snap, but only for the briefest second as the laser fires.

Vbeam treatments take only minutes and are the best option for facial veins and redness on the neck.

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