Isolaz Acne Laser Therapy

Clearing Pores (and Preventing Acne) from the Inside Out

Isolaz, a new light-based acne treatment from Solta (makers of Fraxel and Thermage), gives excellent results in clearing up acne and leaving skin clearer, cleaner, and with impeccably clean pores. Isolaz is performed in our office with no need for needles, excisions or numbing.

Either as an alternative or adjunctive therapy, Isolaz offers a treatment process unlike any other available.

How does Isolaz work?

Isolaz combines two important treatment processes:

  • Clearing of Pores
  • Destruction of Acne-causing Bacteria

*Individuals Results May Vary.

How Fast Does Isolaz Work?

You will see visible results almost immediately, even though desired long term results usually require four or five treatment sessions. Sessions are fast and easily tolerated for most mild to moderate acne patients.

Is Isolaz Effective for all Acne Levels?

High inflammation levels or cystic acne may require prescriptive medications. Dr. Pilest will assess your acne condition and advise if you are a good candidate for Isolaz. Once an Isolaz treatment is finished, you will be guided in the proper care of your skin, paying particular attention to avoid pore-clogging makeup or creams and using correct cleansing products and maintenance skincare.

Acne that has proven to be resistant or is at a more severe level may require a more aggressive program that might include Photo Dynamic Therapy.



Isolaz vacuums the excess sebum from clogged pores and immediately applies medical light to kill acne bacteria.

The Isolaz Pore Purification and Acne Clearing process rely on a vacuum-like suction to pull skin debris, grime, oils and excess sebum from the pores. Active acne lesions are extracted by this suction, removing bacterial infectious materials. An immediate flash of bacteria-killing light follows the suction pulse. This process is repeated across the affected area.

Isolaz has few side effects other than some minimal redness and some initial possible increased acne surfacing due to the process. These new acne lesions – which would normally lie beneath the surface waiting to appear – are then more quickly resolved.

How Does Isolaz Help Prevent Future Acne?

Pimples, acne, and skin blemishes are caused by bacteria that exist in hair follicles or pores. Bacteria naturally spreads and can make its way up to the skin’s surface in the form of acne or a blemish when it’s been given a breeding ground to grow out of control. This is the case when pores become clogged and the bacteria buildup causing an inflammatory reaction (aka pimple!).

By first removing the clog, then attacking the bacteria deep in the skin, Isolaz delivers a one-two punch which makes it ideal for removing and killing existing inflammatory bacteria. With a pathway clear for oils to be released as intended, bacteria no longer have that breeding ground and skin can function more normally and become much clearer.

Overactive oil glands are a problem for many people that lasts many years. As new treatments become available, better control over oily skin is achieved. One such treatment is the new Intensif RF Microneedling which helps lessen oil output while improving skin texture.

Treatment Preparation

If possible, come to your appointment without makeup. When undergoing an Isolaz treatment, your skin will be cleansed and prepared; a quick view of your skin will determine the right setting for an Isolaz tip based on the amount of melanin in your skin and the location of the blemishes or acne.

Isolaz Acne Laser Before & After Irvine, CA
Isolaz Acne Laser Before & After Irvine, CA
Isolaz Acne Laser Before & After Irvine, CA

*Individual results may vary.

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What Kind of Results Can I Expect?*

Clinical studies show that up to 88% of patients who tried Isolaz have enjoyed a reduction of acne or other blemishes. The effects of Isolaz can last up to a year after a completed series.  Unlike other laser treatments, the FDA has specifically approved Isolaz as a remedy for comedonal and pustular acne so you can feel secure that the treatment is safe. Additional Information and video process can be found on the Isolaz website.

Will Isolaz be all I Need?

Medical-level treatments are only part of the overall process of keeping your skin clear of acne. Following your doctor’s recommendations, keeping your skin clean, paying attention to diet and using sunscreen are all part of the program.

Tip: Most teens don’t drink enough plain water. Drink more H2O and see if that doesn’t help with your acne.

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*Individual Results May Vary

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