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Total Dermatology Office and Medical Support Staff

Mariah Dannenhold – Practice Manager


Mariah joined Total Dermatology in 2009 and has been in Business Management since 2005. She has found success in many of her endeavors starting in athletics, winning the Division 1 National Championship in 1998 at Long Beach State. Mariah took her team-building skills into her business management career. She was promoted to the Director of Sylvan Learning Center and after only being there a year, was honored as “The Center of the Year” out of over 1,200 centers in the country.

Favorite Product: Brightening Cream 2 (8% HQ)
Favorite Treatment: Restylane Under Eye
Favorite Filler: Voluma
What bothers you most about your skin? My Melasma
Favorite Skin Care Tip: Use sunscreen SPF 50 or higher every day.
Favorite Trait of Dr. Pilest: Hard to just pick just one. We have worked together going on 9 years and he is a wonderful boss, mentor, and friend.

Jayci Miyamoto – Assistant Manager


Jayci initially joined our practice as our photo technician/videographer and quickly demonstrated her ability to pretty much do everything! She has become a key member of our team, routinely training new employees, managing schedules, assisting with patients and juggling all the tasks with what can only be described as boundless energy, perpetual enthusiasm, and total competence.

Favorite Product: Retinol 5x
Favorite Treatment: Restylane Under Eye
Favorite Filler: Restylane
What bothers you most about your skin? Redness
Favorite Skin Care Tip: Take the products down to your neck.
Favorite Trait of Dr. Pilest: His adventurous fashion sense.

Sandra Turner – LVN


Sandra Turner, our Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN), has brought some exceptional experience to Total Dermatology – 6 years in Vascular and General Surgery, 12 years in Plastic Surgery, and 4 years in Hospice Care. Her combined experiences have given her unique skills in skin care, post-surgical care, and even therapeutic massage.

Favorite Product: Brightening C + E Serum
Favorite Treatment: Intensif
Favorite Filler: Voluma
What bothers you most about your skin? Acne Scars
Favorite Skin Care Tip: Always use Medical Grade products instead of over-the-counter.
Favorite Trait of Dr. Pilest: He is a great educator and has an exceptional hand technique. Not to mention he is very stylish.

Jessica McCullough – LVN


Jessica has recently rejoined the team after completing school to become an LVN. In addition to her original roles, she has begun assisting Dr. Pilest in the back office. Jessica feels having both her esthetician license and nursing degree has made her more well-rounded and confident, and she is excited to further her career in an industry she truly loves.

Favorite Product: SkinCeuticals Sunblock
Favorite Treatment: Restylane Under Eye Treatment
Favorite Filler: Restylane
What bothers you most about your skin? Uneven tone and pigment.
Favorite Skin Care Tip: Exfoliate weekly.
Favorite Trait of Dr. Pilest: He is a great educator, and has great style.

Maria DeZonia – Back Office Assistant


Maria is our Physician-Mentored Front and Back Office Administrator. Maria has worked side by side with Dr. Pilest for over 20 years after switching gears from a pursuit in the Dental field to Dermatology. Her long-term experience makes her an invaluable asset and patient advocate. Maria’s fluency in Spanish is a tremendous advantage for Spanish speaking patients.

Favorite Product: Complete Eye Repair Cream
Favorite Treatment: Hair Laser
Favorite Filler: Restylane for under the eye.
What bothers you most about your skin? Sunspots (too much fun spots)
Favorite Skin Care Tip: Drink lots of water and use green tea in am and Retinol in the pm.
Favorite Trait of Dr. Pilest: He is a perfectionist, loves to teach, and is very stylish.

Sarah Pilest Hashemi – Social Media Manager


Sarah, Dr. Pilest’s daughter, began working for her father back when she was in college. Sarah started the first Total Dermatology webpage with her own two hands. She continues working as a Marketing Consultant and now is responsible for all Social Media advertising and marketing.

Favorite Product: Daily Bio Repair Serum
Favorite Treatment: Silkpeel
Favorite Filler: Botox
What bothers you most about your skin? Dryness and wrinkles around the eyes and redness.
Favorite Skin Care Tip: Use toner
Favorite Trait of Dr. Pilest: He really knows how to make me laugh.

Chantel Huyard – Patient Care Coordinator

Chantel joined the Total Dermatology team in 2020 when she decided to change careers and go “head first” into school to become a Cosmetic R.N. . Being that she had a background in fashion and photography she was drawn towards the aesthetic industry and is thrilled with how much she is learning already. She is excited that she gets to experience the office environment and learn about everything current in the cosmetic industry while attending school. She continues to get one step closer to completing her RN license and set to graduate in 2024.

Favorite Product: Exfoliating Antioxidant Scrub
Favorite treatment: Fraxel
Favorite filler: Voluma
What bothers you most about your skin: Uneven tone and sunspots
Favorite Skin Care tip: Start on medical-grade retinol as soon as possible
Favorite Trait of Dr. Pilest: He is very personable and inspires me to work hard to accomplish goals

Valerie Ibarra – Medical Assistant

Valerie joined us with 18 years of Dermatology and MOHS experience under her belt, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to our practice. Her outgoing personality led her to become a speaker for Abbvie, where she traveled from state-to-state educating young nurses on the proper care of biologics. In 2017, Valerie started a program called “Let’s Talk Hygiene with Nurse Val,” where she mentored young boys and girls in the Pasadena school and church communities on acne and overall hygiene. We are thrilled to have Valerie as a part of our team!
Favorite Product: SkinBetter Alpharet Exfoliating Peel Pads
Favorite Treatment: Thermage
Favorite Filler: Restylane Kysse
What bothers you the most about your skin: My nasolabial folds (Thanks, mom!)
Favorite Skin Care Tip: Monthly DiamondGlow facials – it is a must!
Favorite Trait of Dr. Pilest: It is a Vibe!!! You have to meet him to know what I mean.

Jessica Gonzalez – R.N.


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