Dermamelan® Intimate – Hyperpigmentation Treatment

Vaginal lightening treatments are now trending, as more women are concerned about hyperpigmentation in the vaginal area.

Total Dermatology understands that you deserve to feel confident in every area, so we are pleased to offer the innovative Dermamelan® Intimate solution to lighten dark genital tissue.  

Hyperpigmentation or darkening of the skin is a common problem that affects various parts of the body, especially the face, chest, and back. Discoloration can also affect the skin in the vaginal area, but Dermamelan® Intimate is a safe, effective lightening treatment.

What is Dermamelan® Intimate?

Dermamelan® Intimate is a depigmenting solution by mesoestetic® specifically designed to address intimate hyperpigmentation. It also improves the quality, appearance, and elasticity of the skin in the genital area.

What is Intimate Hyperpigmentation?

Intimate hyperpigmentation refers to the darkening of the skin in the external genital area, groin, and inner thighs.

The darkening of the skin occurs because of the excess production of melanin, which is the pigment that gives the skin and hair color.

Factors such as aging, genetics, and hormonal changes can trigger an increase in melanin in the intimate area. Friction caused by tight-fitting clothes can also contribute to pigmentation in this area.

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How Does Dermamelan® Intimate Work?

Dermamelan® Intimate treats hyperpigmentation in the genital-perineal, perianal area, mons pubis, inner thighs, and groin using a corrective, regulating action. The active ingredients remove the build-up of melanin in the skin, helping to lighten the pigmented tissue. Dermamelan® Intimate also has anti-aging benefits as it improves skin quality and elasticity.



What Does the Dermamelan® Intimate Treatment Involve?

Dermamelan® Intimate is a multi-step procedure consisting of 2 phases.  

Phase 1 is an intensive depigmentation process performed in-office. During treatment Dr. Pilest will:

  1. Cleanse the treatment area with gauze and lukewarm water and apply the mesolips protector to prevent the migration of the peeling solution to adjacent areas.
  2. Apply the dermamelan® intimate peeling solution over the treatment area using a swab or brush. The peeling agent stays in place for 7 minutes.
  3. Remove the peeling solution with the post-peel neutralizing spray.
  4. Apply the dermamelan® intimate mask to the treatment area. The mask is left in place for 2 hours and removed at home.
  5. Place the dermamelan® intimate occlusive film over the treatment area to allow the active ingredients to work. 

Phase 2 is a continuous depigmentation at-home program that requires you to: 

  1. Remove the dermamelan® intimate occlusive film and mask using lukewarm water and an intimate cleansing gel.
  2. Apply the post-procedure crystal fiber intimate mask over the treatment area. The mask helps reduce any discomfort or irritation and should remain in place for 10-15 minutes.
  3. Apply the dermamelan® intimate home depigmenting gel cream over the treatment area. Dr. Pilest will determine how often this step should be repeated.  

How Many Treatments Do I Need?

It typically takes one Dermamelan® Intimate treatment to see results. 

Are you ready to treat intimate hyperpigmentation with Dermamelan® Intimate?  

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*Individual Results May Vary