Large Pores

Enlarged pores are not imaginary. They come from age as tissue loses elasticity, from poor cleansing routines, and acne conditions.

  • Re-tighten skin with Clear and Brilliant laser to combat tissue laxity that allows pores to enlarge.
  • Isolaz, an acne treatment, vacuums oil and debris from the pores, helping them to avoid stretching by removing the clogged material.
  • SilkPeel is a vacuum diamond microdermabrasion that also helps clear pores.
  • Aqua Gold Fine Touch uses Botox and serums to prevent the pores from opening as widely as usual.
  • Use of a cleansing brush such as Clarisonic can have surprisingly noticeable results.
  • Skin care products appropriate for your skin type and condition are important as well.


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