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Can Dermal Fillers be Affected by Lasers or Thermage?


The short answer to this question is a qualified “yes”

The most vulnerable fillers

Many of the dermal fillers used in the U.S. are partially dependent upon their water attracting properties to provide their effects. All the hyaluronic gel fillers work by attracting water and “expanding”. They carry the most vulnerability to heat-based treatments because the heat can diminish the water content in both the skin and the filler if the heat reaches the filler.

How deep are the fillers and how deep is the technology level?

The different technologies can have different impact on fillers. The depth of the filler placement and the depth of the heat generated by a technology can affect how long the filler might normally last for you. Also the type of technology will impact fillers. Deeper-reaching heat would pass through some fillers. For instance, a superficial placement of a hyaluronic gel such as Belotero would be extremely vulnerable to a laser like Fraxel and you would likely see less correction of treated wrinkles right away. However, Radiesse is injected fairly deep and it has different properties so an IPL or even a Thermage treatment should have little to no impact.

About laser targets

The different types of lasers target different elements in the skin. IPL does not generate the same levels of heat as Thermage and should have less effect on fillers already placed. Likely a true laser that targets the water in the skin would potentially affect the filler the most.

Rule of thumb? Technology first

We suggest that you have lasers and heat-generating treatments prior to injections of dermal fillers. But that is not always possible, so we recommend in that case that you separate the two procedures as far apart as you can. The longer a filler has been in place, the less likely it is to be affected.


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