Bellafill® Acne Scar Filler

The Bellafill® Motto: Don’t Just Live With It!

Skip the wait, the downtime and the pain of laser. Bellafill filler is FDA approved for improving acne scars. You will see changes immediately upon treatment that last much longer than other fillers since Bellafill contains nondegradable microspheres.

  1. Bellafill® is the only filler on the market approved in the U.S. for the improvement of acne scars
  2. It’s proven safe and effective in a well-controlled clinical study of nearly 1,600 patients

A Solution Beyond Lasers

For decades, dermatologists around the world have sought a reliable and tolerable solution to acne scars. We see how our patients suffer – and it is truly suffering to have to wake up each day to skin that is marred from scars. Lasers have provided a fairly effective way to help smooth scars, but the process is admittedly slow and to get the best results, patients have to be willing to endure discomfort and downtime to get to “there” from “here”.

Fillers have always been an option and many acne scar patients have made use of them, but for decades the only available fillers have been temporary – with the scars reappearing as the filler breaks down and disappears.

How Bellafill is a “Different” Filler

Bellafill is different. The filler is comprised of 2 components: bovine collagen, which instantly helps fill (but does breakdown), and tiny PMMA beads that do NOT break down. These microscopic beads create a response of collagen networking that continues to slowly replace and bind collagen over years – not months! With Bellafill proving its 5-year effectiveness*, it’s easy to see why it’s a very viable option for filling acne scars when other treatments are not desired or not effective.



Can Bellafill Help my Severe Scars?

One of Bellafill’s big attractions is that it can treat scars that are deep and severe as well as more moderate scarring. As you can see from the Acne Scar Rating Scale, even what might have been seen as hopeless scarring now has an avenue to measurable improvement.

Every scar sufferer has different scar types and scar depths. Simpler laser can be very effective on shallow scars, but deeper scars will benefit the most from combination treatment and filler to get the best outcomes.

Overview of Bellafill Acne Scar Procedure

  • Because Bellafill contains collagen, you will be given a skin test to rule out allergic response
  • Scars have “tethers” so these tethers will be released with a special needle in a process called subcision
    (Not to worry – your skin will be numbed first)
  • Following subcision, your scars will be filled in with Bellafill – this is usually a 2 or 3 session process
  • You will see an immediate improvement
  • As the collagen dissipates over the next weeks to months, the tiny microspheres interweave with new natural collagen and your scars smooth out even more through this integration
  • If any tweaking is needed, you can opt for a touch-up filler to smooth the scars even more
  • Get ready to enjoy skin that looks and feels smoother and more attractive

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*Bellafill has undergone studies showing this 5 year effectiveness. Please see the Bellafill site for additional information and study references.
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