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Combining Injectables for Skin Rejuvenation

Combination injectables certainly make a world of difference in the level of appearance improvements possible.  Unfortunately, much of the media marketing makes it seem that single procedure will take care of it all. That’s seldom the case. In aging we have to consider many things – among them: Volume loss Collagen levels Expressions that are… Read more

Hot Weather Skin Tips

Sweltering heat does a number on your skin. Some of the more common skin issues that come with high heat levels Biggest heat problems • Increased sebum (oil) and clogged pores • Heat is a catalyst for increased melasma and pigmentation. It’s not just sun that turns on your pigment producing cells! • Dehydration and… Read more

Retrieving your Face from the Age Rectangle

Have you noticed how well worn clothing tends to lose shape with age? And how your face seems to do something similar? It’s not just a perception – your facial structure actually changes as the natural effects of aging alters both bone and tissue. These alterations translate into recognizable landmarks signifying age. Eyes recede, the… Read more

The Big 8 Heavyweights in Skin Care Ingredients

Smart spending on skin care products If you’re going to spend your money on products that promise to improve your skin – or keep it looking good – then spend wisely. The following skin care ingredients are the ones with scientific backing. You’ll get the biggest bang for your buck – and better skin – with… Read more

The Aging Neck – What are you going to do about it?

We all pay attention to our face, but the neck tends to get short shrift. It shouldn’t. Surgical tightening used to be the only option, but not any longer. Whose neck is that? The skin of the neck is thin – much thinner than facial or other body skin. It gets stretched and turned and… Read more

Can Dermal Fillers be affected by IPL or Thermage?

The short answer to this question is a qualified “yes” The most vulnerable fillers Many of the dermal fillers used in the U.S. are partially dependent upon their water attracting properties to provide their effects. All the hyaluronic gel fillers work by attracting water and “expanding”. They carry the most vulnerability to heat-based treatments because… Read more

Allergan chooses Nissan Pilest MD as Voluma Training Physician

The latest and most waited for hyaluronic gel filler was just released. Juvederm Voluma, the new volumizing product that promises instant volume with a longevity of up to 2 years is now in the hands of selected training physicians. Select Training Physicians Dr. Pilest, one of the most seasoned Board Certified Dermatologists in Orange County… Read more

Best Anti Aging Skin Care Ingredients

Skin care products have long been associated with “makeup”. but today’s professional skin care contains ingredients that actually reverse some of the effects of aging and environmental exposure. Retinol, niacinamide, alpha hydroxy acids – these and more “action” ingredients can play a big role in keeping your skin looking young and getting it back into… Read more

Effects of Stress on Your Skin

When  you’re under a lot of stress, you feel it AND see it! Stress related skin conditions Dermatologist and clinical psychologist Richard G. Fried, MD, PhD, FAAD, of Yardley, Pa., noted it is important to consider the biological response that happens when a person experiences stress. For example, stress can make psoriasis or rosacea worse,… Read more

Dr. Pilest Trainer for Micro Cannula and Micro Needling

Dr. Pilest has been using MicroCannula and MicroNeedling with great success. The microcannula is a thin flexible tiny tube with a smooth (not sharp) tip that is used to place fillers. This eliminates the need for multiple needle sticks and greatly reduces bruising. Used in tandem with the Accuvein device that shows location of blood… Read more

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