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Fillers for Dark Circles Under Eyes and Under Eye Hollows

Fillers DO work to alleviate dark circles under the eyes and hollows under the eye. Combine genetic or age-related under eye hollows with long work hours and you have a double whammy. Naturally we all tend to get some hollowing under the eyes as the fat pads move around and diminish. The shadowing that occurs… Read more

Special Notice about LAVIV

Generating your own cells for correcting wrinkles and folds used to be science fiction. But not anymore. We had hundreds of readers interested in LaViv. We’ve just been notified we cannot accept any more LaViv patients until the first of the year. Apparently thousands of others across the country wanted to begin their own cell… Read more

Will Personal Stem Cell Therapy Boot Out Fillers?

By Nissan Pilest, M.D. We’re coming into an age when cell therapy – or autologous injections of  your own cells into your skin – is gaining considerable press and interest. The question is – will this self-cell process put standard dermal fillers out of business? The allure is certainly there. Anti-aging is a term we… Read more

The Story Behind Antioxidants & Free Radicals

Antioxidants – just what are they and why do they matter? And free radicals? What is that all about? Antioxidants – the Good Guys; Free Radicals – the Bad Guys An antioxidant protects your skin from – and helps repair the damage of – free radicals. Free radicals are single molecules that are looking for… Read more

What’s your Lip Personality?

We talk about losing collagen in our skin as we get a little older. Yet one of the most prevalent ways we’re judged to be older and not-so-sexy or younger and sexier is by the fullness and/OR the shape of our lips. Even if your lips are on the thin side, you don’t necessarily need… Read more

Skin Exams – A Video How-To

We all hear the reminder – do your skin exam every month – but what does that mean? A quick look in the mirror on the way out the door? Hardly. There are lots of hiding places where melanoma or skin cancer starts out of usual view

Summer Sexy Skin – It doesn’t take all that much

Sexy skin for Summer? We get asked how to get a sexier look for Summer and honestly, it’s not all that hard. Based on the assumption that you aren’t dealing with big problems like severe acne or an over-blown case of Melasma, there are some surprisingly quick ways to brighten up your skin. Does product… Read more

Fancy Getting Rid of those Unwanted Fat Bulges? Try CoolSculpting

Getting rid of problematic fat bulges seems to get harder all the time. Probably the evolution of our diet – and the hormones present in so many of our foods – makes achieving a trim body more difficult than it was a few decades ago. Swim, gym, walk, diet, vitamins, slim shakes – When nothing… Read more

Our Darn Spot – Do you give yourself brown spots without knowing?

Spots on a bug that’s supposed to have spots is kinda cute. Brown spots on your face or neck or arms where you don’t want them is not cute (unless they’re freckles and we think freckles ARE cute!) Yeah, we know the sun is the major spot-making bad guy, but there are others that are… Read more

Beauty with Belotero – Irvine Dermatologist Expands Dermal Filler Options

Belotero – New Swiss engineered fine line wrinkle filler comes to Irvine Dermatology practice of Nissan Pilest,

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