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Fraxel Dual

Some of our patients who have had Fraxel Dual for pigmentation … Powered by Cincopa Video Hosting solution

Why Your Eyes Look Tired, Old or Dark

Few of us escape the occasional raccoon-eye when we’ve not slept well or been a victim of flu or other illness. This is a temporary condition solved with rest and improved health. But what’s going on if you ALWAYS look in the mirror and see that “raccoon” looking back at you? My Eyes Make Me… Read more

Let’s Hear It for the Boys

Men + Aesthetic Dermatology? 10 years ago, it was the rare man who dared venture inside a dermatology clinic for more than a medical problem. Mostly I’d see young guys who were too embarrassed by lingering acne NOT to do something. Today I’m seeing 10- 15 new male patients a week… for all the nonmedical maladies that have bothered… Read more

Filler “Blending”

Dr. Pilest is using a new filler injection technique utilizing a “homogenized” blend of Juvederm or Restylane filler, saline and additional lidocaine. By altering the consistency and adding more carrier, the filler can be easily manipulated to smooth the skin in a way that standard “line” filler injections cannot.  Translated, that means you get a… Read more

Naked Frown Remover

XEOMIN -The “Naked” Frown Remover We’re all used to Botox and it’s been one of those blockbuster treatments that have completely changed the face of aesthetics. In the last couple of years we’ve been given some alternatives and from a medical perspective, that’s always a good thing. Not every product is perfect for every single… Read more

My spider veins make my legs look like a roadmap!

Spider veins and varicose veins are a cosmetic concern to many women (and men). The red and blue “spidery” veins are actually broken capillaries. They do not go away without treatment and generally become worse with time. The darker blue veins seen under the skin and those which bulge on the skin surface are true… Read more

Why Volumizing Matters

Facelifts have been the “gold standard” for turning back the years for decades. It is only recently, though, that doctors have come to realize the ultimate impact of proper volumizing – either as a complement to surgery or as a stand alone solution. The youthful face has plenty of volume – rounded cheeks, a single… Read more

Love Handles – Freeze ‘Em Goodbye

Love Handles – How come no one loves having them? Listen up guys – if the woman in your life refers to your love handles, it’s NOT because she loves them on you. It’s because she’s hoping you’ll do something about them. Love handles are the precursors to the “spare tire” which is the precursor… Read more

When to say “no”

It can be hard to say no to a medical provider when they suggest a treatment that you aren’t sure about. But taking the time to understand your options and the risks is vitally important. We recently had a young woman come to our office asking for help after a highly problematic outcome of what… Read more

How can PDT get rid of my cystic acne?

What can be done about severe cystic acne? First, understand that acne is NEVER your fault! Acne is a hormonally-driven chronic skin disease that has been a battlefield for decades. Medical science is always seeking control measures that work better, faster and with the least disruptive side effects. Photo Dynamic Therapy – or PDT –… Read more

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