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Love Handles – Freeze ‘Em Goodbye

Love Handles – How come no one loves having them? Listen up guys – if the woman in your life refers to your love handles, it’s NOT because she loves them on you. It’s because she’s hoping you’ll do something about them. Love handles are the precursors to the “spare tire” which is the precursor… Read more

When to say “no”

It can be hard to say no to a medical provider when they suggest a treatment that you aren’t sure about. But taking the time to understand your options and the risks is vitally important. We recently had a young woman come to our office asking for help after a highly problematic outcome of what… Read more

How can PDT get rid of my cystic acne?

What can be done about severe cystic acne? First, understand that acne is NEVER your fault! Acne is a hormonally-driven chronic skin disease that has been a battlefield for decades. Medical science is always seeking control measures that work better, faster and with the least disruptive side effects. Photo Dynamic Therapy – or PDT –… Read more

PDT for Cystic Acne – Why is it preferred?

PDT Cystic Acne Dr. Pilest has always held a close interest in teenage and early adult acne.  The prescribed solutions over the years have changed – often for very compelling reasons. Antibiotic resistance resulting from long course use is  now known to be particularly problematic. Accutane, though useful for severe cystic and nodular acne, came with… Read more

Congratulations Top Docs 2014

Each year Orange County doctors are chosen by the OC Medical Association as the “Top Docs” for the year. I want to congratulate my colleagues who have been chosen. Many I know personally and I admire their dedication to their professions. We all strive to be our best in  rapidly changing fields and there are… Read more

What does off-label mean and should I worry about it?

When you hear the term “off-label”, should you be worried? When it comes to cosmetic dermatology, usually not. Because so many of the most popular applications are “off-label”, staying on-label would mean you would have some serious constrictions in the use of things like fillers and Botox. 

Completing the Puzzle in Facial Rejuvenation

  When you look at a face, your eye captures the entire “puzzle” and sees a complete picture. You may notice the color of eyes or the shape of a nose, but it is all in context of the other features. You can immediately sense if that face is young, middle aged or old when… Read more

Stress and your Skin

The Stress Effect on Skin When  you’re under a lot of stress, you feel it AND see it! Stress related skin conditions are more prevalent than ever. Who doesn’t feel stress with today’s economy, work demands, flurry of information overload and pressure to be everyone’s everything? Dermatologist and clinical psychologist Richard G. Fried, MD, PhD,… Read more

Voluma – The facial filler game changer

Voluma is brand spanking new here in the States.  Europeans have enjoyed this fantastic filler since 2005 and we finally have FDA approval here. Voluma is set to revolutionize the way doctors are able to replace volume lost from natural aging or augment genetically deficient volume. The appeal of accentuated cheekbones has existed for decades…. Read more

When your Botox stops working

It’s a weird phenomenon and a bothersome one for people who are used to having their Botox do what it’s supposed to. So what is happening when it seems to stop working for some people? Are the wrinkle relaxers all the same? Wrinkle relaxers are basically alike, but not completely. They all work to prohibit… Read more

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