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CoolSculpting Compound Effect

When it gets warm and you toss aside the jackets, sweaters and flannels, how many of you see Winter bulge? All those nice hot chocolate nights have crept up on you and the dreary task of reversing the outcome looks you in the face. The incentive is almost there, but it’s not quite enough. We’ve… Read more


Psychodermatology – Stress Impact on Skin Treatment

We’ve talked about stress and your skin before, but did you know there is actually an arm in medicine referred to as psychodermatology? Stress Impact on Skin Your skin reacts to stress in obvious ways and now we realize that stress also affects how your medications work – or won’t work! Stress can cause your… Read more


NutriCosmetics – Treating the Skin from the Inside

Collagen peptides taken in a supplement have shown to dramatically reduce depth of wrinkles around the eyes – plus cause an increase in collagen and elastin. (Study through Department of Dermatology, University of Kiel, Kiel, Germany) People who have high intake of Vitamin C and linolenic acid experience less skin thinning. Topical skin care manufacturers increasingly… Read more

Temporary swelling of hyaluronic filler injections

The Secret to Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is not an acid at all – it’s actually a powerful sugar molecule that pulls water to itself and holds it there. Your body is full of hyaluronic acid – it’s in your skin, joints, connective tissues, eyes… Babies have a ton of hyaluronic acid – that’s why they’re so soft and lovely… Read more


Skin Care 101

Wrong to Right – the Dirty Dozen Taking care of your skin shouldn’t be hard, right? It’s not – IF you know what you should be doing for YOUR skin The top 3 mistakes women make in caring for their skin Wrong #1 – Skimping on the sunscreen It doesn’t matter how sick and tired… Read more

eyelid dermatitis

When your jewelry or house keys makes your eyes itch

Eyelid dermatitis – itchy swollen eyelids – often is the result of two common culprits – nickel and gold. The problem is the combination of gold and nickel from jewelry and titanium dioxide. Many cosmetics contain titanium dioxide so the mix can cause the release of metal which in turn irritates the eyelid skin. “If… Read more

Teoxane serum with hyaluronic acid

Teoxane Serum with Hyaluronic Acid

  Teoxane – Resiliant Hyaluronic Acid in a topical serum. RHA was developed in Switzerland for dermal fillers and is now incorporated in this impressive facial serum. Unlike traditional hyaluronic acid, TEOXANE’s RHA Resilient Hyaluronic Acid® is uniquely formulated to provide a hydrating layer on the surface of the skin. It moisturizes and tightens the… Read more

Beautiful Blonde Woman Wearing Boxing Gloves

The Truth About Bruising

If you’re a filler veteran or a routine Botox user, you’ve likely experienced at least one bruising incident. So who’s at fault? We wish we could take the blame and offer a guarantee that you’ll never bruise from an injection because we’ve found the no bruise holy grail, but that’s simply not possible. The face… Read more

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Top Doc 2015 Nissan Pilest

Physician of Excellence Orange County 2015 | Nissan Pilest, M.D.

Physician of Excellence When the letter came from the Orange County Medical Society letting me know that I’d been selected a Physician of Excellence, my first response was “Oh, wow!” I looked twice to make sure it was my name on the paper! This honor does not come without the support of many people and… Read more

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