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Brilliant Distinctions Double Points July 14 – August 28

Brilliant Distinctions Double Points Limited Time Offer Through August 28, 2014 Now is your chance to earn double points on any Allergan treatment or product, including Juvederm fillers, Latisse, Botox and Allergan skin care. You can see your savings stack up: • EARN 2X the points • RECEIVE up to $200 for future treatments or products… Read more

The “ChinPlant”

The “ChinPlant” American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) President Malcolm Z. Roth, MD commented that: “The chin and jawline are among the first areas to show signs of aging. People are considering chin augmentation as a way to restore their youthful look just like a facelift or eyelid surgery … We also know that as… Read more

Total Dermatology Office Tour

Total Dermatology Office Tour Join us for a short clinic tour. You’ll love the ambiance of our well appointed office suite. Your comfort is a serious matter for us, as is making sure you have access to the latest in technology that is proven to be effective and safe. Total Dermatology Office Visit You’re invited… Read more

Dark Spots and Discoloration

Dark Spots and Discoloration – A prevalent problem in Southern California We post a lot of information that focuses on skin discoloration simply because it is such a problem for so many people in high sun areas like Orange County. One of the most common pigmentation problems is hyperpigmentation which can be broadly diffuse on… Read more

Fillers – Getting the Biggest Bang for Your Buck

Fillers are an increasingly large part of the cosmetic scene. From dainty Belotero to robust Radiesse, the choices add up, leaving one to wonder “What goes where and why?” And “How can I get the most benefit for my investment?” Fillers: Where and Why? Not all fillers are created equal and not all fillers are… Read more

Lips – Fit the Face

Lip augmentation used to mean injecting only into the lip. The outcomes were not always as aesthetically pleasing as expected (you’ve all seen the variations of what has become known as the duck lip). Techniques now take a more global path to include Generalized facial volume Nearby fat pad loss (which can dramatically affect how… Read more

About UV and Your Skin

The UV rays from the sun are two kinds – UVB and UVA. You can tell you’ve had a dose of UVB rays because you will get red and/or tan – UVB is also the initiator of most skin cancers. UVA rays are long rays that are, in their own way, “silent”. UVA is the… Read more

Combining Injectables for Skin Rejuvenation

Combination injectables certainly make a world of difference in the level of appearance improvements possible.  Unfortunately, much of the media marketing makes it seem that single procedure will take care of it all. That’s seldom the case. In aging we have to consider many things – among them: Volume loss Collagen levels Expressions that are… Read more

Hot Weather Skin Tips

Sweltering heat does a number on your skin. Some of the more common skin issues that come with high heat levels Biggest heat problems • Increased sebum (oil) and clogged pores • Heat is a catalyst for increased melasma and pigmentation. It’s not just sun that turns on your pigment producing cells! • Dehydration and… Read more

Retrieving your Face from the Age Rectangle

Have you noticed how well worn clothing tends to lose shape with age? And how your face seems to do something similar? It’s not just a perception – your facial structure actually changes as the natural effects of aging alters both bone and tissue. These alterations translate into recognizable landmarks signifying age. Eyes recede, the… Read more

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