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Skin Care Expert vs “skin care expert”

Skin Care – Does it matter who’s talking? Did you know that in California any MD can buy and use a laser? or a syringe of dermal filler? or powerful technology that’s literally dangerous in uneducated hands? And that in some states an esthetician can do what only doctors can do here? Does knowledge from years… Read more

sunburn art

Sunburn Art – The “Tan Tattoo”

If you haven’t heard about sunburn art yet – or seen it, you probably will.  While interesting and decorative, don’t be fooled into thinking it’s safe. Like a lot of trends, this one will fade out, but the damage it causes to skin won’t. We preach sunscreen and sunblock for a good reason…skin cancer prevention… Read more


Those Last 5 Pounds…or more

Remember when you were a kid and no matter what you ate, your body stayed lithe and lean? Then you got a little older and discovered that ice cream cones and Big Macs suddenly became a verifiable enemy? Good intentions came for a visit (often not long enough). So you started eating better (hopefully) and began… Read more


What You and Caitlyn Jenner Have in Common

Wow! What a transition from Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn Jenner! It’s a media storm of mammoth proportions. Not everyone will agree that such a transition is something to be quite so publicly embraced, but it does bring one thing to the forefront — Everyone has a certain Ideal way they want to look. How you look… Read more

Doctor shows information on blackboard: acne

Acne – Why Suffer?

Acne? Why mess around and suffer? Get the treatment you need so you can get on with your life. As a dermatologist, I see a lot of suffering. Your skin is ‘out there’ and when it doesn’t look good – or hurts, your life can be miserable. Luckily, there are adequate solutions for most skin ailments…. Read more

Eraser deleting the word Melanoma

Melanoma – The Spot That Can Kill

You’ve heard the word and hope it never applies to you or someone you love. But it could… Melanoma creeps up on its victims – often hidden in areas you’d never expect. Learn what you need to know about melanoma and how to spot it. Awareness is a key concept. Take a cue from this… Read more


Waxing – Are You Really That Fearless?

Waxing – here, there and everywhere. It’s where “only the bold will go”.  And for good reason. Unless you have skin that’s strong as nails, eventually you’ll have that “oh my gosh” event that literally leaves you skinless. We love Veet’s sense of humor ! Which takes us to alternatives… Shaving: Hey, we’re honest, shaving… Read more

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 12.33.29 PM

Cold Sores – Taming, Treating and Preventing

  Cold Sores – Yuk! They hurt and they’re just plain ugly. View this video provided by the American Academy of Dermatology to see treatment tips. Anti Virals If you have a tendency to get cold sores, you may want to keep some antiviral medication (either oral or topical) on hand – acquire from your doctor…. Read more

Discover Kybella for Double Chin

Trading In Your Double Chin for a Single

One of the things that drive many people to distraction is the body’s tendency to hold onto fat in certain areas. Most of the body areas we can now freeze or heat to reduce fat bulges, but until now, the only option for removing fat below the chin was – you guessed it! – surgical liposuction…. Read more


Conquering Needle Phobia

Fear sends signals to the body – the fight or flight syndrome kicks in. You know the feeling. For “needle phobes” other things can happen like blood pressure drop, queasy stomach, light headedness and some people react so strongly, they faint. For some, the fear comes from long standing memories of childhood inoculations or dental… Read more

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