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Menopause and the Effect on Your Skin

Menopause not only affects the internal body, it affects the skin as well. Menopause and the Skin – the hormonal fluctuations don’t always play nicely with your skin. Here’s a quick list of what many menopausal women experience in skin changes: Oily Skin: Estrogen levels decrease so testosterone is no longer masked. Testosterone stimulates sebaceous… Read more


Your Skin Type Changes

It’s tempting to hold tight to your “skin type” and assume it never changes. It DOES change. And those changes make a big difference in how your skin should be treated. Your skin care strategies will change when your skin “type” undergoes a change. The important thing to do is to pay attention to how… Read more

Nissan Pilest Orange County Dermatologist

More Than a Doctor – On Being a Teacher

Doctor, Teacher, Confidence Maker It’s agreed that teaching something to someone else makes you better at it yourself. Very often in the process of showing or explaining what you have learned yourself, a better solution or improved process comes to light. After two decades of walking alongside new Dermatology residents at UCI’s School of Dermatology,… Read more

botox and fillers for men orange county

Let’s Hear It for the Boys – Men and Cosmetic “Work”

An article from the American Academy of Dermatology’s website cites the upsurge in men seeking many of the same cosmetic treatments women have embraced for decades. The reasons have a distinctly different underlying reason. “In today’s fiercely competitive job market, research shows an increased demand for cosmetic procedures among men hoping that a fresh look… Read more


The Hand Selfie – Fillers to the Rescue

Rings! Who ever thought getting a beautiful piece of jewelry would cause a girl to say “Oh no!” ? The selfie has made everyone self conscious of every aspect of their appearance. Now, to show off engagement rings, soon-to-be brides are finessing the display of their new diamonds by making sure their hands look as… Read more

Treating Hair Loss with PRP – News Videos

Hair Loss affects millions of men and women. Aside from transplants, supplements and spray on temporary hair fibers, the options for actually growing NEW hair is a challenge. New use of PRP to spur the regrowth of your hair is growing traction. This video explains how it works. This treatment is referred to the “dermatologist’s… Read more

Acne Scars Treated Via Micro Needling and PRP

An abstract posted by the National Institute of Healths helps substantiate the effectiveness of micro needling and platelet rich plasma in the treatment of acne scars. How to best treat acne scars has confounded the medical community for as long as patients have suffered from them. It would be a dream come true if we,… Read more

coolsculpting for double chin

CoolMini™ – Fat Freezing for Your Double Chin

CoolMini™ is CoolSculpting for your double chin. FDA approved just last week, this new option to eliminate a double chin is the only completely noninvasive procedure available with proven results. Double Chin Elimination Options Chin fat is one of the few body issues that had no solution outside of surgery until just recently. Kybella™ hit… Read more


News – About Men and Their Bodies

  You hear the term “what women want” – alot – there was even a movie about it where an ad man was slightly electrocuted in the bathtub (while he was donning panty hose) and could then hear women’s thoughts (Heaven forbid THAT!) What about men? What DO men want? Besides becoming ridiculously wealthy, what do… Read more

Find out about CoolSculpting

I Think I’m Ready to Be CoolSculpted

Nearly everyone is plagued with a few extra pounds and a few hard-to-reduce fat pockets. With MILLIONS of procedures to date, CoolSculpting is the top nonsurgical method worldwide to reduce stubborn fat. Zeltiq Website Whether you have a single area or more than you ever thought you’d have, CoolSculpting is a simple process to help change your… Read more

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