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Dr. Nissan Pilest

Nissan Pilest, MD Irvine board certified dermatologist dedicated to the art of cosmetic dermatology...
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Silhouette INSTALIFT™

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Over the past few decades, dermatology has expanded to include hundreds of cosmetic skin procedures. From Acne laser to Zeltiq's fat freezing CoolSculpting to Allergan's Voluma to the amazing Sculptra collagen stimulator - we have techniques for anti-aging, body shaping and facial contouring that can rival and even exceed the results of surgery.

Dr. Pilest has been a first-hand participant in all these developments since 1979 - from the early days of Botox and bovine collagen injections to the latest fat melting devices and instant facial volumizers. No other aesthetic field has experienced the number of technology leaps that have occurred in dermatology.

In the "old days" anyone with an aging issue had very limited options, most of them surgical with long recovery and high risk. Now it's easier than ever to get "near-surgical" results simply, affordably and with little to no downtime or risk.

Blepharoplasty > Thermage Eyes or Fraxel Repair

Browlift > Botox

Fat Transfer Under Eye > Restylane instant easy hollow correction

Liposuction > CoolSculpting

FaceLift > Sculptra, Voluma and/or Thermage, Pelleve

Ablative Laser > Fraxel or eMatrix

Phenol Peels > Clear and Brilliant Laser, Fraxel Dual, Fraxel Repair, "kind" Peels

A great number of today's most sought after cosmetic procedures were first conceptualized by dermatologists. Our Dermatology Treatment Guide

Pigment removal and pigment blending with Cosmelan, Fraxel Dual, Permea and SilkPeel with Lumixyl

Acne reduction with Isolaz, Photo Dynamic Therapy and Smoothbeam Laser

Acne Scars treatment with Fraxel, eMatrix for ethnic skins and Fraxel CO2 for deeper scars

Rosacea management and reduction by the use of Vbeam laser and PDT

Sun Damage reversed with Fraxel DUAL and PDT

We're all accustomed to focusing first on our face, but other areas can tell our age just as quickly.

An aging neck can and will make you look much older - sometimes seemingly overnight. EMatrix is an all-skin-friendly fractional device that smoothes delicate skin tissue and adds a touch of lift. It's often combined with Botox to soften platysma bands and Nectifirm topical cream to improve skin integrity.

Hands take the brunt of sun exposure, work, and early volume loss. A full hand rejuvenation is a simple mix of Alex Lazer to remove spots and Radiesse to hide tendons and veins that show on the back of the hands. Instantly with filler and within only a few days with the laser, old looking hands can look years younger with results lasting a year or more.

The decollete is an often ignored area that is prone to dark spots, actinic keratosis and early wrinkles. Fraxel DUAL has become the "go to" for removing precancerous lesions, smoothing the skin and getting rid of hyperpigmentation.

Every part of the country has its own unique climate and lifestyle. In Southern California we spend a lot of time outside, blessed with plenty of sunshine and warm weather. We're also a famous melting pot location with people who come from every corner of the world.

This mix of ethnicities and sun exposure creates some of the more challenging and complex skin problems that we face. From early aging to difficult skin discoloration to increased treatment side effect risks, Dr. Pilest is totally aware that you have a unique "skin print" that requires a unique solution. You will always get the appropriate treatment recipe for your skin type, skin color, skin condition and skin ethnicity - period!

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