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CoolSculpting savings

CoolSculpting Multi Treatment Pricing Examples

CoolSculpting is the world’s most frequently performed procedure for nonsurgical fat reduction. Fat Freezing, Nearly Everywhere Now, areas all over the body can be contoured without the need for anything more than an hour-per-area session. Treatments can be repeated for increased results and can be overlapped for even more precision contouring. Summer 2016 Single Area… Read more


Tips for Removing Nose Hair

Everyone has nose hair. These tiny hairs have a purpose and you do need them. But, when the hairs closest to the opening grow longer and are visible outside the nasal canal, trimming or removing them becomes a cosmetic situation. However, removing nose hairs the wrong way can actually be dangerous.  Your skin and nose… Read more

The Secret to a Man’s Success?

Wisdom and experience are big keys to success, but so is appearance. Keeping a competitive edge demands more than it used to and men are more widely recognizing the power of appearance. Cosmetic surgery for men is increasing, but… Plastic surgery has primarily been a female domain; and for good reason. Men’s skin is thicker… Read more


Hyperhidrosis – Making Summer Miserable

You’re probably looking forward to Summer – unless you’re a heavy sweat-er. Then your life is pretty miserable. In areas like ours, we have plenty of summer days all year round, making the worry about hot day sweating span all the seasons. It’s Not Your Fault We recently had a patient come ask, “What am… Read more

Fraxel before after photo Orange County

When should I treat my acne scars?

Acne Scars – When is the best time to treat them? Conventional thinking might suggest you “wait” to see if your acne scars improve over time. But in reality, waiting means your scars will worsen over the years. Here’s why: Natural aging means collagen loss Elasticity lessens Natural aging means facial fat loss * As… Read more


The Micro Pen “Fountain of Youth”

Think the only fountain of youth is a facelift or something extravagant? There are many treatments which are barely invasive that can often give great results for looking younger, fresher and even less marked by scars.  Dr. Pilest has used the Micro Pen with excellent outcomes for aging skin, wrinkles and acne scars, both with… Read more

What Molly Sims says about CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting has the thumbs up across the globe with nearly 3,000,000 treatments performed thus far. CoolSculpting also continues the expansion of FDA cleared treatment areas, which now include the back bra bulges and that “banana roll” that women can get under their buttocks. Here’s Molly Sims, a celebrity and new mom who fought the weight… Read more


Prepping for Summer

You know it’s coming. Glorious Summer is on her way with longer days, swimming pools, the beach, the golf course and the unavoidable sun damage. Here’re some quick reminders of staying safer in the sun while still enjoying the California sunshine. Hat it up. There are all kinds of styles for everyone. Pick a hat… Read more


About Fat Freezing and Fat Losing

You’ve heard of Fat Freezing with CoolSculpting and likely have a sense of how it works. CoolSculpting is a great effortless add-to (or catalyst) for getting your body in better shape. Fat freezing with CoolSculpting is the #1 nonsurgical body contouring procedure in the world. The ideal candidate is at a normal weight with a normal… Read more

acne scar

The FDA Approved Acne Scar Filler

“I don’t want to wait any longer to do something about these scars. What CAN I do?!” We hear you. Acne and the scars left behind leave an indelible mark. Not only do the scars remind you of a miserable time in your life, but the scars themselves make you miserable.   Filler Use for… Read more

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