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Eyeliner Technique to Love

We love to find new tips and techniques. One of the most frustrating makeup steps for many women is eyeliner. How to get a lined eye without looking lined? Check out this video on TightLining – we tried it and it works great! Even on older eyes with wrinkles! Caveat – ALWAYS use a clean… Read more

concept of aging and skin care

The Top 3 Skin Agers

#1 Overdosing on Sun The number one cause of unnecessary skin damage is, quite simply, the sun. If you notice that the skin on your  hands, face and neck seem to age faster than other areas, it’s because these areas typically remain uncovered so get tons or sun exposure. Skin becomes wrinkled and thinner with repeated… Read more

Why Sugar is Bad for Your Skin – From Acne to Wrinkles

Why Sugar Is Bad For Your Skin Sugar or high-glycemic foods quickly convert to sugar. This in turn raises insulin levels and puts unnatural demands on your body to deal with the food you just ate.  Simple carbohydrates, like refined sugar, white bread and soda, cause your insulin levels to spike, which leads to what… Read more

Menopause and the Effect on Your Skin

Menopause not only affects the internal body, it affects the skin as well. Menopause and the Skin – the hormonal fluctuations don’t always play nicely with your skin. Here’s a quick list of what many menopausal women experience in skin changes: Oily Skin: Estrogen levels decrease so testosterone is no longer masked. Testosterone stimulates sebaceous… Read more

The “Right Way” to Wash Your Hands

Everyone’s aware of the deadliness of Ebola and the extreme measures it requires to prevent the spread of the virus. While we shiver at the thought of that particular disease, there are countless harmful and other deadly bacteria, viruses and germs all around us. Keeping hands clean is one of the most important steps we… Read more

Belly Busting Options

From Today Health Sept 18, 2014 “American adults got some bad fitness news this week. While our overall body-mass index hasn’t changed in the last decade, our waistlines are still spreading. That means we’re not necessarily getting heavier, but we’re gaining the weight in the worst place: our bellies.” If I had time, of course… Read more

Burnout – Bad for Your Body & Bad for Your Skin

The Tell Tale Signs of Burnout … Do You Have Them? We came across this article on Psychology Today while constructing a post on Stress and Skin. Obviously the bigger priority is recognizing you’re over stressed and then doing something about it. We’ll get to the skin problem a little later. Burnout is one of… Read more

Getting B-12 Shots – Need ‘em?

“It’s a miracle…it changed my life.” B-12 – how much difference does it make? We offer B-12 shots because a lot of our patients ask for them and because for the right people, it’s an incredible energy booster. Here’s a fun video about B-12. If you need it, get it, you’ll be surprised at the… Read more

A Progression – From the first filler to the Non Surgical Face Lift

A Historical Guide to the Nonsurgical Face Lift Two decades ago your options for looking younger consisted almost entirely of surgery.  A facelift was an event you saved for and dreaded at the same time. Women today still often joke (sort of) about their face lift fund. The truth is that none of us relish the… Read more

Melanoma Dangers for Early Indoor Tanners

People who first use a tanning bed before age 35 increase their risk for melanoma by 75 %. That’s a pretty sobering piece of information and one that should cause any young person to rethink indoor tanning. ASDSA Tanning Infographic We all love the outdoors and in Southern California we have abundant sunshine and endless… Read more

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