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Video Organ Donation

Spotlight Site for February

Site of the month: February 2017 It’s an easy thing not to think of, unless you or a loved one needs a transplant. Use the share buttons at the end of this post. Someone somewhere will be glad you did! You may have an organization in mind, either big or small, that can give… Read more

Valentine’s Promotions

HUGE discounts on these specific procedures the week of FEBRUARY 13-17 ONLY Thermage Skin Tightening CoolSculpting Fat Freezing for Body CoolSculpting Mini for Double Chin and Small Areas Clear + Brilliant / Permea our “baby Fraxel” eMatrix Radio Frequency Skin Resurfacing – safe for all skin types Call now for pricing and book your appointment early as space… Read more

high blood pressure

What’s YOUR Blood Pressure Reading?

We had a patient share this story and she asked if we’d share with you. It’s an important topic, so we hope you will share, too. “This past week my best friend came for a girls’ sleepover (yes, we still do that and it’s always fun!) I’d been tracking my blood pressure because it had… Read more

Aging Like a Celebrity

You may ask, “What do celebrities have access to that I don’t?” Well, plenty that we could name, like personal chefs and personal makeup artists and perhaps private planes. But what you do have access to, just like the actresses and actors you admire, are the same appearance-improving technologies and treatments. From Manhattan dermatologic surgeon… Read more

Hair Coloring Causing Hair Loss

Will Coloring My Hair Make It Fall Out?

All those hairs in the sink and in my brush! Panic*!! Why they may be there: Natural hair cycles (not actual loss) Hair dyeing Stress Medical condition Heredity Natural Hair Cycles Your hair grows in cycles, so you will sometimes notice more hair in your brush or on the shower drain or sink.  Old hairs… Read more

Why Your Skin Type and Origin Matters

“What does where my grandmother’s from have to do with my skin?” In a word – everything. Your Skin – Unlike Any Other How your skin responds to heat, chemicals, sunshine, bug bites, skin allergies, lasers and the increasing number of medical and cosmetic procedures is heavily dependent upon your genetic mix. When you’re considering… Read more

Winter Skin Fixers

Is Your Skin Feeling a Little Like Tree Bark?  We commiserate with you.  Often no matter what lotion you’re using, when the colder weather hits, your skin feels like tree bark. Winter in Southern California reminds us that we live in an arid, moisture-depleted climate. The winds blow in from the desert and mountains during the winter,… Read more

silhouette instalift suture

New Instant Face Lift

InstaLift is new – but it’s actually based on some older concepts that didn’t work. The desire for an instant face lift that doesn’t require surgery, is safe and lasts a reasonable length of time has been around a long time. There have been attempts in the past –  and misses. But those misses have… Read more

Radiesse Golden Ticket Sweepstakes

Don’t miss your chance for an up to $5,000 makeover from Radiesse and Belotero Entry Dates and Entry Form   Entry and process is entirely through Radiesse. Our office cannot enter for you nor assist in photo uploads. Please read all the instructions (note the entry timelines). We wish you Good Luck! Contest is open… Read more

Puffy Eye Fixes and Preventions

You can have puffy eyes for all kinds of reasons: Allergies, fluid retention, fatigue, smoking, hormones, a sleepless night, or crying. Try these quick fixes. De-puffing Helpers: Place a cold spoon (not frozen), washcloth or cucumber slices soaked in cold water on your closed eyes for a few minutes. Prep some teabags (caffeinated green or black teas)… Read more

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