Dry / Mature Skin Products

Recommended Products for Dry / Mature Skin


Retinol 5_WEB

Total Dermatology Rejuvenating Retinol Serum 5X / 10X

Think an anti-aging product isn’t working unless it irritates your skin? Replenix Retinol Plus Smoothing Serum 5x revitalizes skin’s texture and tone, reducing wrinkles and acne while also moisturizing and calming your skin. For normal to tolerant skin that is aging and/or acne prone.

Fortified Moisturizer_WEB

Total Dermatology Fortified Moisturizer

This facial moisturizer is recommended for all skin types. This soft cream is made from the purest food-grade aloe vera gel which has been carefully processed and is rich in natural mucopolysaccharides. Squalane, a stabilized natural emollient found in healthy skin, and dimethicone further prevent moisture loss. Contains vitamins A,C,E and green tea polyphenols.

Complete Eye Repair_WEB

Total Dermatology Complete Eye Cream

This retinol based eye cream effectively fights the signs of aging in the delicate eye area without causing irritation. Formulated with vitamin K and arnica to combat dark circles. Peptide blend helps to encourage draining under the eyes discouraging puffiness and also address fine lines and wrinkles. Green Tea Polyphenols provide anti-inflammatory benefits and provide antioxidants protection to delicate area around the eyes.

Green Tea Cream_WEB

Total Dermatology Green Tea Antioxidant Cream

Green Tea Polyphenol Isolates fight bacteria, reduce inflammation, and nourish the skin. Hyaluronic Acid binds moisture to the skin. This serum contains 90% Polyphenol Isolates, derived from Green Tea which are known for their highly potent antioxidant properties. Lightweight, fast absorbing, water soluble formula provides lightweight moisture, helping to improve the texture and tone of the skin for a younger-looking appearance.

Senté Dermal Repair Cream 

An elegant formulation engineered with patented HSA technology to improve the healthy appearance of skin. Formulated by a team of scientists and dermatologists, this proprietary cream hydrates the skin and helps reduce the appearance of aging.


  • Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Normalizes the appearance of skin tone and color for more youthful radiance.
  • Provides immediate and profound hydration.

Senté Neck Firming Cream

Engineered with patented HSA Technology and a combination of caffeine and other ingredients to help the skin appear more firm and lifted around the neck and décolleté.


  • Hydrates the delicate neck area
  • Helps the skin appear more firm and smooth
  • Improves the appearance of skin tone and texture


Teoxane RHA Serum

After 14 days skin appears smoother and brighter.*
Within several applications, the complexion appears lifted, and fine lines and wrinkles appear diminished.*



Alphaeon Epidermal Serum

Clinically proven ingredient to promote the appearance of skin rejuvenation and youthful looking skin. The product studied showed a significant reduction in the appearance of wrinkles versus the control group at weeks 8 and 12. Over 80% of the patients in the trial stated that they had an overall improvement in the appearance of their wrinkles.3



ALPHAEON Eyelash Serum

Hydrates, conditions and strengthens lashes, resulting in the appearance of longer, fuller eyelashes. After 8 weeks of use: 80% of the women in the study agreed that the Serum improved their overall lash appearance.  76% agreed that their lashes appeared longer, thicker and more conditioned.  72% agreed that their lashes appeared less sparse.



ALPHAEON Dermal Solutions Rapid Eye Restore

delivers TruCollagen to plump and smooth the delicate skin around the eyes. This formula produces visible improvement in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. ALPHAEON Dermal Solutions Rapid Eye Restore also contains a blend of antioxidants for healthier, younger-looking skin.

  • Hyaluronic acid hydrates and binds moisture to skin
  • Evens tone
  • Ideal for dry skin types



Niadyne Intensive Recovery

Niadyne Intensive Recovery

This rich cream delivers intensive moisturization and helps to activate skin’s own regenerative powers. Ceramides, liposomes and peptides reinforce skin to firm, tighten and tone. Skin looks fuller and firmer by locking in multi-level moisture, while minimizing transepidermal water loss. Brighteners help to lift the appearance of discolorationsand restore radiance. Powerful antioxidants protect against the damaging effects of free radicals.

SkinCeuticals C&E Ferulic

SkinCeuticals C&E Ferulic

C E Ferulic® is a revolutionary antioxidant combination that delivers advanced protection against photoaging – neutralizing free radicals, helping build collagen, and providing unmatched antioxidant protection. More protection means more youthful looking skin and better defense against environmental aging.

Containing 15% pure L-ascorbic acid and 1% alpha tocopherol, the addition of ferulic acid doubles the already synergistic benefits of our original high-potency formula, C+E, transforming C E Ferulic® into a super-antioxidant combination. Once absorbed, can’t be washed or rubbed off – excellent for use in conjunction with suncreens.

SkinCeuticals Face Cream Primacy

SkinCeuticals Face Cream Primacy

This rich moisturizer is perfect for sensitive and severely dry skin. It soothes irritation and seals in hydration, resulting in increased comfort, radiance and suppleness. Ideal for use over the entire body or as a spot treatment for extra dry areas, such as the elbows, hands or feet. May also be used to soothe chapped lips or protect the skin against windburn.

Skinceuticals Antioxidant Lip Repair

Skinceuticals Antioxidant Lip Repair

Antioxidant Lip Repair uses special botanical emollients to hydrate and heal dry, cracked lips, while its AHA-free exfoliating complex accelerates cell renewal to smooth deep lip lines for full, healthy lips.

Tretinoin Cream  0.1% * /  .05%

Tretinoin Cream 0.1% * / .05%

Treats fine wrinkles, dark spots, or rough skin on the face caused by damaging rays of the sun. It works by lightening the skin, replacing older skin with newer skin, and by speeds up cell turnover. In patients with sun-damaged skin, improvements in the skin usually are seen within the first 3 to 4 weeks of treatment. Brown spots begin to fade after six to eight weeks. Wrinkles decrease or disappear after three to six months. * A Total Dermatology Top Recommended product. (RX Only)

Elta Body Lotion

Elta Body Lotion

Therapeutic lotion developed for daily use, soothes dry itchy skin, leaving it feeling silky-soft. Apply immediately after bathing for all day moisturizing. Strengthens the skin against damage from frequent hand washing, swimming and cold, dry air. Sensitivity-free.

LaRoche-Posay Toleraine

La Roche-Posay Toleraine

Gentle Cleansing Bar for intolerant and sensitive skin. This gentle, fragrance-free bar can be used on delicate and intolerant skin and skin with eczema. Leaves skin soft and smooth. Includes hydrating glycerin and sorbitol.

Neova Crème de la Copper

Neova Crème de la Copper

Neova Therapy Crème de la Copper infuses aging skin with intense moisture using Copper Peptide Complex, DNA Repair Mitosomes, and antioxidants. Photodamaged skin will feel nourished and revitalized while tone and texture are improved. Calms dry, red, irritated skin.Copper is a powerful collagen and elastin promoter. It works as an antioxidant against free radicals.

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