Sensitive Skin Products

Recommended Products for Sensitive Skin

What are cosmeceuticals and why should I choose them?

Sensitive skin demands products which protect the delicate skin barrier while delivering actionable ingredients. We’ve carefully selected products which have the least risk of irritation with the biggest potential for improving skin function, appearance and health.

Cosmeceuticals are bridge products which lie mid-spectrum between Rx products and department store mass marketed products. Physicians dispense these clinical level skin treatments as they require guided use instructions.

LaRoche-Posay Toleraine


LaRoche-Posay Toleraine

Gentle Cleansing Bar for intolerant and sensitive skin. This gentle, fragrance-free bar can be used on delicate and intolerant skin and skin with eczema. Leaves skin soft and smooth. Includes hydrating glycerin and sorbitol.


Ultra Gentle Cleanser_WEB

Total Dermatology Ultra Gentle Cleanser

Sensitive, irritated skin? We have finally found your perfect cleanser! Ultra Gentle Cleanser has been specially formulated to meet your most gentle cleansing needs. Enriched with the anti-oxidant properties of papain enzymes, (from Papaya fruit), and green tea extract, this cleanser will help to calm and soothe sensitive skin. Soap-free and easy-rinsing, also helps to clear away surface debris and crusting.


Bionect Gel for post laser; peels; IPL


Bionect Gel for post laser; peels; IPL

Topically applied hyaluronic acid sodium salt 0.2% for combating skin irritation and inflammation caused by treatments such as intense pulsed light, laser skin resurfacing and medium-depth peels, as well as topical retinoids, tazarotene and 5-FUs.Increases levels of Hyaluronic Acid to speed healing and elevate moisture retention. (RX only)


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