Total Dermatology offers the most advanced injectable treatments.

Injectable skin fillers have added new dimensions to the field of cosmetic dermatology, allowing new forms of facial rejuvenation and wrinkle treatment without surgery. Injectable skin and wrinkle fillers are designed to increase tissue volume (as with lip augmentation), reduce wrinkles, and improve skin’s overall contour. The goal is subtle natural-looking results that make you look better, no different.

Dermal Fillers Irvine


Dysport for crow’s feet and frown lines
Xeomin wrinkle relaxer
Belotero gel filler for fine and superficial lines and wrinkles
Juvederm for fine to medium lines and lip augmentation
Juvederm Voluma for mid face volume / cheek augmentation
Kybella for Melting Chin Fat
Restylane LYFT (Perlane) for longer term deep wrinkle and fold correction and cheek volume
Radiesse for lower facial contouring, nose shaping, chin augmentation
Radiesse for Hands
Restylane for under eye hollows, lip and folds
Restylane Silk® for Lips and Fine Lines
Sculptra for collagen stimulation for facial volume restoration and contouring
AccuVein bruise prevention device

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