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Winter Skin Fixers

Is Your Skin Feeling a Little Like Tree Bark?  We commiserate with you.  Often no matter what lotion you’re using, when the colder weather hits, your skin feels like tree bark. Winter in Southern California reminds us that we live in an arid, moisture-depleted climate. The winds blow in from the desert and mountains during the winter,… Read more

silhouette instalift suture

New Instant Face Lift

InstaLift is new – but it’s actually based on some older concepts that didn’t work. The desire for an instant face lift that doesn’t require surgery, is safe and lasts a reasonable length of time has been around a long time. There have been attempts in the past –  and misses. But those misses have… Read more

Radiesse Golden Ticket Sweepstakes

Don’t miss your chance for an up to $5,000 makeover from Radiesse and Belotero Entry Dates and Entry Form   Entry and process is entirely through Radiesse. Our office cannot enter for you nor assist in photo uploads. Please read all the instructions (note the entry timelines). We wish you Good Luck! Contest is open… Read more

Puffy Eye Fixes and Preventions

You can have puffy eyes for all kinds of reasons: Allergies, fluid retention, fatigue, smoking, hormones, a sleepless night, or crying. Try these quick fixes. De-puffing Helpers: Place a cold spoon (not frozen), washcloth or cucumber slices soaked in cold water on your closed eyes for a few minutes. Prep some teabags (caffeinated green or black teas)… Read more

Radiesse and Belotero Mature Woman Age 85

Double Down on Dermal Fillers

Fillers can make remarkable changes – Just take a look at 74 year old Lorraine! You might have guessed her age on the left before her fillers, but who would ever guess her age on the right afterward? As dermal fillers advance, do so the ways they can be used together. This particular case of… Read more

Belotero for Lip Lines

Belotero for “Etched-in” Wrinkles and Lines

Dr. Pilest uses all the available FDA-approved fillers at Total Dermatology, simply because they all have one or more unique properties that fit certain needs. Belotero is lesser-known than fillers like Juvederm or Restylane, but it’s satisfactions levels are very similar.   An Excellent Finish BELOTERO BALANCE is an ideal choice to soften and smooth… Read more

Juvederm Video

Juvederm Patient Stories

Juvederm Families Talk The father and son and mother and daughter in this video talk about what they notice in each other. Genes often dictate how our faces will age. And those same genes can almost predict how a child will experience aging. So if you see your like-gender parent change over the years, chances… Read more

Is this Rosacea?

Rosacea – The Rosy Face Predicament

Rosacea – The “Rosy Face” Predicament You aren’t embarrassed, but you look it. You don’t have typical acne, but you do have breakouts. You don’t want stares, but you get them. Redness and Acne = Rosacea? The redness that marks this condition is a perpetual problem requiring control – since there is no “cure all” for Rosacea…. Read more

Kybella for Man Age 47

How to Get Rid of Neck Fat

If you’ve got it, you know the thousands of wishes you didn’t. Neck fat is not always caused by excess weight. Many people are well within their ideal weight range and yet still suffer because their genetic makeup deposits fat beneath the chin. Kybella treatments: 4  Weight Gain: 4 lbs Age: 47 Photos courtesy Allergan. Additional Images… Read more

treatment for enlarged pores

Enlarged Pores – Treatment Options

  Why Are My Pores So Big? Typically, large pore size is related to overactive sebaceous gland activity, so those with oily skin or acne tend to experience more visible pores. When these oily skin pores become clogged with sebum, the pore wall becomes stretched. Age and “tired” skin function can also contribute to enlarged pores,… Read more

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