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Winter Skin Fixers

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Is Your Skin Feeling a Little Like Tree Bark?  We commiserate with you.  Often no matter what lotion you’re using, when the colder weather hits, your skin feels like tree bark. Winter in Southern California reminds us that we live in an arid, moisture-depleted climate. The winds blow in from the desert and mountains during the winter,… Read more

Enlarged Pores – Treatment Options

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  Why Are My Pores So Big? Typically, large pore size is related to overactive sebaceous gland activity, so those with oily skin or acne tend to experience more visible pores. When these oily skin pores become clogged with sebum, the pore wall becomes stretched. Age and “tired” skin function can also contribute to enlarged pores,… Read more

Simple Youth”ing” Lifestyle Changes

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Our practice focuses on “fixes” and “prevention” using technology. But looking younger and feeling younger adds up best when you practice a whole health program. From the foods you you eat to the fabrics you wear to the number of hours you sleep at night; you’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to taking… Read more

Your Skin Type Changes

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It’s tempting to hold tight to your “skin type” and assume it never changes. It DOES change. And those changes make a big difference in how your skin should be treated. Your skin care strategies will change when your skin “type” undergoes a change. The important thing to do is to pay attention to how… Read more

Sunburn Art – The “Tan Tattoo”

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If you haven’t heard about sunburn art yet – or seen it, you probably will.  While interesting and decorative, don’t be fooled into thinking it’s safe. Like a lot of trends, this one will fade out, but the damage it causes to skin won’t. We preach sunscreen and sunblock for a good reason…skin cancer prevention… Read more

Cold Sores – Taming, Treating and Preventing

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  Cold Sores – Yuk! They hurt and they’re just plain ugly. View this video provided by the American Academy of Dermatology to see treatment tips. Anti Virals If you have a tendency to get cold sores, you may want to keep some antiviral medication (either oral or topical) on hand – acquire from your doctor…. Read more

NutriCosmetics – Treating the Skin from the Inside

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Collagen peptides taken in a supplement have shown to dramatically reduce depth of wrinkles around the eyes – plus cause an increase in collagen and elastin. (Study through Department of Dermatology, University of Kiel, Kiel, Germany) People who have high intake of Vitamin C and linolenic acid experience less skin thinning. Topical skin care manufacturers increasingly… Read more

Dark Spots and Discoloration

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Dark Spots and Discoloration – A prevalent problem in Southern California We post a lot of information that focuses on skin discoloration simply because it is such a problem for so many people in high sun areas like Orange County. One of the most common pigmentation problems is hyperpigmentation which can be broadly diffuse on… Read more

Hot Weather Skin Tips

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Sweltering heat does a number on your skin. Some of the more common skin issues that come with high heat levels Biggest heat problems • Increased sebum (oil) and clogged pores • Heat is a catalyst for increased melasma and pigmentation. It’s not just sun that turns on your pigment producing cells! • Dehydration and… Read more

The Big 8 Heavyweights in Skin Care Ingredients

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Smart spending on skin care products If you’re going to spend your money on products that promise to improve your skin – or keep it looking good – then spend wisely. The following skin care ingredients are the ones with scientific backing. You’ll get the biggest bang for your buck – and better skin – with… Read more

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