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Prepping for Summer

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You know it’s coming. Glorious Summer is on her way with longer days, swimming pools, the beach, the golf course and the unavoidable sun damage. Here’re some quick reminders of staying safer in the sun while still enjoying the California sunshine. Hat it up. There are all kinds of styles for everyone. Pick a hat… Read more

The World of Skin Brighteners and Lighteners

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If you mention the name hydroquinone (HQ), most anyone with pigmentation problems knows it well. But the demand for non-HQ alternatives has increased the options so that you have choices of products that are often found in cosmeceuticals and over the counter products. If you want to try non-RX products, what should you be looking… Read more

Skin Cancer – the Tanning Bed “Bonus”

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Skin cancer treatment is not pretty and it can get pretty scary. Prevention is the key. Lisa, age 36 | Total Skin Cancers to Date: 76 Both UV-B and UV-A rays damage the skin and can lead to skin cancer. Tanning salons use lamps that emit both UV-A and UV-B radiation. View FDA Resource on… Read more

Sunburn Art – The “Tan Tattoo”

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If you haven’t heard about sunburn art yet – or seen it, you probably will.  While interesting and decorative, don’t be fooled into thinking it’s safe. Like a lot of trends, this one will fade out, but the damage it causes to skin won’t. We preach sunscreen and sunblock for a good reason…skin cancer prevention… Read more

Dark Spots and Discoloration

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Dark Spots and Discoloration – A prevalent problem in Southern California We post a lot of information that focuses on skin discoloration simply because it is such a problem for so many people in high sun areas like Orange County. One of the most common pigmentation problems is hyperpigmentation which can be broadly diffuse on… Read more

Vi Peel Featured on Dr. Oz

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We’ve been impressed with ViPeel for some time – as have our patients. A Valentine’s Day show with Dr. Oz backs up the benefits and affordability.  See the Dr. Oz show about ViPeel.Vi Peel is a 7 day peel that uses a unique mix of peel agents to smooth the skin, remove discoloration and spots… Read more

Our Darn Spot – Do you give yourself brown spots without knowing?

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Spots on a bug that’s supposed to have spots is kinda cute. Brown spots on your face or neck or arms where you don’t want them is not cute (unless they’re freckles and we think freckles ARE cute!) Yeah, we know the sun is the major spot-making bad guy, but there are others that are… Read more

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