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Fraxel Story with 50 Year Old Laura

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Laura’s Fraxel Story As an avid soccer player and referee, Laura Matkin spent a lot of time in the hot Texas sun. After turning 50, she wanted a way to reverse the sun damage and restore a more youthful appearance. Laura had Fraxel to erase her skin damage and, she says, build up her self-esteem. Customized… Read more

Meet Clear + Brilliant – Our “Baby” Fraxel

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What? What’s Baby Fraxel? We’ve dubbed Clear + Brilliant as “Baby Fraxel” because the laser technology is similar to Fraxel, but is gentler. Lighter versions of laser are appropriate for more sensitive skin or skin that is hyper-risk for pigmentation side effects. Clear + Brilliant is an ideal choice for younger patients who have not… Read more

Waxing – Are You Really That Fearless?

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Waxing – here, there and everywhere. It’s where “only the bold will go”.  And for good reason. Unless you have skin that’s strong as nails, eventually you’ll have that “oh my gosh” event that literally leaves you skinless. We love Veet’s sense of humor ! Which takes us to alternatives… Shaving: Hey, we’re honest, shaving… Read more

Hair Reduction – why do I need more than one session?

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About hair and laser Genetically, we all have different hair growth patterns and different hair “density”. With age, menopause or for what’s seemingly no reason at all, hair density and patterns can change. Sometimes hair shows up in places it wasn’t in before. Or we’ve had a problem for years and finally decided it was… Read more

Get the Glow Back with Clear + Brilliant

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Clear + Brilliant – an elegant light resurfacing laser that has no social downtime. Begin refinishing your skin gently with no pain, no “holing” up to recover and only the most minimal of post-procedure redness or swelling.  For the short procedure you’ll simply have more beautiful, healthier-appearing skin to show for it. Who is Clear… Read more

Recognizing Rosacea when it strikes

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From the National Rosacea Society: “Rosacea usually first strikes individuals between the ages of 30 and 60, and may initially resemble a simple sunburn or an inexplicable blush.” Why early diagnosis and treatment is important Early treatment helps considerably to keep this condition under better control. But recognizing Rosacea is often difficult and many people… Read more

Ethnic Skin – Take Care!

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You might think that having the “protection” of a little more pigment in your skin is a good thing. Well, on one level it is, but when it comes to many of the newer skin improving technologies, it means you have to do some homework!

Wrinkle Treatments

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Are your wrinkles worthy of injectable fillers, neuroblockers or lasers? or all three? What wrinkle treatments make the most sense? Granted, we all eventually get wrinkles. Genetics will play a big part. If you look at your parents and grandparents and everyone is smooth as butter, you are indeed lucky, but most of us have… Read more

Something New – Fraxel 600 CO2

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Fraxel 600 – A New Superficial CO2 Laser Option We admit, the name doesn’t give you a clue – unless you’re a laser doctor! A Little Background Fraxel RePair is the flagship fractional CO2 laser we use here at Total Dermatology. It can produce some serious changes in severely sun damaged skin with the deepest… Read more

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