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More Than a Doctor – On Being a Teacher

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Doctor, Teacher, Confidence Maker It’s agreed that teaching something to someone else makes you better at it yourself. Very often in the process of showing or explaining what you have learned yourself, a better solution or improved process comes to light. After two decades of walking alongside new Dermatology residents at UCI’s School of Dermatology,… Read more

Dr. Pilest Trainer for Micro Cannula and Micro Needling

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Dr. Pilest has been using MicroCannula and MicroNeedling with great success. The microcannula is a thin flexible tiny tube with a smooth (not sharp) tip that is used to place fillers. This eliminates the need for multiple needle sticks and greatly reduces bruising. Used in tandem with the Accuvein device that shows location of blood… Read more

Congratulations Top Docs 2014

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Each year Orange County doctors are chosen by the OC Medical Association as the “Top Docs” for the year. I want to congratulate my colleagues who have been chosen. Many I know personally and I admire their dedication to their professions. We all strive to be our best in  rapidly changing fields and there are… Read more

What does off-label mean and should I worry about it?

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When you hear the term “off-label”, should you be worried? When it comes to cosmetic dermatology, usually not. Because so many of the most popular applications are “off-label”, staying on-label would mean you would have some serious constrictions in the use of things like fillers and Botox. 

Voluma – The facial filler game changer

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Europeans have enjoyed this fantastic filler since 2005, so there’s plenty of “history”. Voluma is set to revolutionize the way doctors are able to replace volume lost from natural aging or augment genetically deficient volume. The appeal of accentuated cheekbones has existed for decades. Achieving that look used to a surgical option only with hard… Read more

The Genius of Sculptra

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Every now and then a product comes along in the cosmetic dermatology arena that’s simply a “genius” discovery. One of the most exciting developments in the last 2 decades in our opinion is Sculptra. It’s a revolumizing product made of poly-L-lactic acid, a synthetic polymer made from natural substances, which, when injected, acts like a… Read more

Dr. Pilest at the 71st Annual AAD

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The American Academy of Dermatology holds important annual meetings with attendees from all over the world who want to keep up with and share the latest and greatest skin technologies and solutions. Dr. Pilest spent the week with physician colleagues attending Advanced Sessions covering everything from Botox to Photo Dynamic Therapy to Vasculitis and Vitiligo

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