CoolScupting by Zeltiq – Freeze Away Fat

CoolSculpting is an innovative procedure for fat removal from specific areas on the body. The process is based on Cryolipolysis™-  the destruction of fat cells through prolonged controlled super cooling. This is an FDA approved non-invasive treatment designed to improve body contours and has been successfully used for reducing specific fat-prone areas of the body.

  • Love handles
  • Back or “bra” fat
  • Abdomen or tummy pooch
  • Muffin top
  • Fatty tissue associated with Gynecomastia

CoolSculpting Media Highlights
“It’s now possible to freeze your fat away. A non-invasive, non-surgical procedure called CoolSculpting kills off fat cells by exposing them to very cold…” Dr. Oz

“This is probably going to supercede liposuction.” Today Show Dr. Nancy Snyderman

“A fat-fix everyone’s been waiting for.” The Doctors

Attacking the Bulge

People who are physically fit and at a stable weight still have bulges, rolls, and other small areas of fat they can’t get rid of no matter how much they exercise or diet. Losing abdominal fat and back fat through diet and exercise is very difficult for many.

A “muffin top”, post-pregnancy pooch, love handles, back fat—not much, but just enough to show through a snug-fitting t-shirt or blouse. These small areas of fat typically don’t warrant a surgical procedure such as liposuction. See some of our patients’ results.

CoolSculpting by Zeltiq: A “Cool” Solution

These problem areas can now be treated with the Zeltiq procedure. A team of scientists and physicians developed the  procedure to address these problems. CoolSculpting utilizes a precisely controlled cooling method called Cryolipolysis™ to target, cool, and eliminate fat cells without damage to other tissue.

After a one- to three-hour procedure, your body goes to work. Over the next two to four months, the crystallized fat cells break down and are naturally eliminated from the body.

“Treatments based on the concept of melting away fat cells with heat based lasers have become commonplaceBut the hottest new weight-loss procedure to arrive in the UK does the complete opposite – it freezes hard-to-shift flab to death.

Fresh from the U.S., this innovative machine goes by the name of CoolSculpting by Zeltiq, and uses a cooling method called cryolipolysis to target, chill and break down fat cells.”

Zeltiq’s CoolSculpting embraced by U.K. – Read Daily Mail

What happens during a CoolSculpting procedure?

During the CoolSculpting procedure, the selected area is drawn up between two cooling plates and held in place by suction. Over about an hour’s time, the skin between the plates is super cooled to just above freezing.  Because the fat cells are more sensitive to cold, the precise temperature maintenance during the procedure begins to disrupt fat cells while not damaging other layers of the skin. The near-freezing action is what causes the fat cells to begin a breakdown process called apoptosis.

Once the fat cell breakdown begins, it continues slowly over a number of months while the body “digests” the broken down fat cells, prompting a firmer, tighter contour and reducing the size of the fat bulge or fat pocket.

When will I see a difference?

Because the process is internal, you will generally not see visible results for 2 to 4 months. Cryolipolysis for fat reduction as a noninvasive procedure and as such, will not match the effects of invasive surgery like liposuction; results are not instant and you may need multiple treatments to get the desired results. Fat layer reduction occurs gradually over a period of 4 months.

From, “Zeltiq on lower abs and love handles – it works!” Full review
“Newest Way to Fight Fat” Article: New York Daily News
Zeltiq’s CoolSculpting approval in Europe 5 Continent Congress of Lasers and Aesthetic Medicine

Who is a candidate forCoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is effective for those with a normal weight profile who wish to remove specific discrete fat bulges that have been resistant to weight loss or exercise. It is not an effective treatment for those who are overweight, have excessively large fat deposits or for those with significant large area fat pads.

How can I find out if CoolSculpting will work for me?

Potential CoolSculpting candidates are invited to call for a complimentary consultation to determine if CoolSculpting is an appropriate treatment for you.
(949) 727 3800

What will I feel during and after treatment?

The initial sensation is one of intense cold and may be slightly uncomfortable for the first 10 minutes. Most patients are comfortable enough to relax, read, listen to music or work on their computer. No anesthesia or medication is required. There is no recovery time.

After your treatment session, your skin may be red for up to several hours. You may also experience temporary bruising, tingling, tenderness, temporary dulling of sensation or cramping.

What else should I know about Zeltiq’s CoolSculpting?

The CoolSculpting device is FDA-approved in the U.S. for fat reduction for the abdomen, flanks and thighs.

The science behind the CoolSculpting Procedure, called Cryolipolysis,™ was developed by two
world-renowned dermatologists at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, MA, a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School.

Cryolipolysis technology  was co-invented by Dr. Dieter Manstein and Dr. R. Rox Anderson, Wellman Center for Photomedicine, affiliated with Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School.

Proven Effect: Their research showed that fat cells are naturally more vulnerable to the effects of cooling than other surrounding tissues, and that fat cells can be safely eliminated without harming the skin.1 This discovery led to the development of the non-invasive Zeltiq Procedure.

Technology by Zeltiq: Zeltiq Aesthethics developed the CoolSculpting advanced medical device that utilizes this new discovery and is making it available to physicians specializing in cosmetic procedures.

CoolSculpting by Zeltiq FAQ (PDF Download)

What to Expect After Your Treatment (PDF Download)

Scientific Studies

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