Treatment for Under Eye Hollows

An immediate volume addition for under eye hollows

Volume loss under the eye casts shadows that make you look older and tired. Replacing that lost volume used to be only an option through surgery.

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Placement with pain-free microcannula

Now we use a soft gel filler and no surgery. Restylane has proven to be an extremely successful option to improve undereye hollowing. Dr. Pilest uses a flexible smooth tipped microcannula to place the filler.

Although one would assume the procedure is painful, it’s not. A small entry point is made with a needle and then the microcannula is introduced through that entry point. Because the tip of the cannula is round and smooth, there are no nicks to nerves or veins – a huge help in avoiding bruising.

Immediate long-lasting results

The filler used, Restylane, provides an immediate improvement, and feels as smooth and as flexible as your own natural tissue.

Post Treatment

You may experience a small amount of swelling following the procedure as the Restylane attracts water in the skin. This will self-balance within a day or two. The use of a microcannula dramatically reduces the risk of bruising, but it can happen. Certain supplements and medications will make you more susceptible to bruising. The additional use of the AccuVein vein finder further reduces risk of bruising.

Pre Treatment Guide for Dermal Fillers

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