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Why Your Eyes Look Tired, Old or Dark


Few of us escape the occasional raccoon-eye when we’ve not slept well or been a victim of flu or other illness. This is a temporary condition solved with rest and improved health. But what’s going on if you ALWAYS look in the mirror and see that “raccoon” looking back at you?

My eyes make me look old – Why? And what can I do about it?

Volume loss  directly under the eye is the top culprit in creating under-eye hollows. Light doesn’t bounce off your facial contours equally. Projected areas get more “bounce” – cheeks, lips, nose, forehead…Any concave area is left in the shadows, so they look darker. Such is the case with loss of volume under the eye.

Volume loss under the eye and in the upper portion of the check will dramatically accentuate bags since the “bag” is now the portion that gets the most light reflection.

Eyelid ptosis is simply loose skin; a result of age and sun exposure. Your eyes look smaller when the skin above and under the eye is loose and wrinkled. Again this appearance is accentuated by the light/shadow interplay of wrinkles.

These shadowed areas become very obvious and are seldom visually corrected by camouflage creams. With volume loss and/or skin laxity you end up with a haggard, tired and worn out look no matter how well rested or healthy you may be.

Treatment Options for Eyes that Look Older


Hyaluronic gels injected under the eye are excellent volume replacers and tend to last a year or more. Both Restylane and Juvederm now come blended with lidocaine to make the procedure virtually painless. Combined with Dr. Pilest’s use of flexible micro cannulas and the phenomenal Accuvein device and the problem with bruising is practically nonexistent.


Fractional CO2 laser will tighten eyelid skin by removing tiny columns of tissue and spurring new collagen production for a renewed, fresh appearance of the skin with less wrinkling and smoother skin surface.

Radio Frequency:

Thermage for Eyes will tighten skin over time and is an option that does not employ laser.

Wrinkle Relaxers:

Dysport or Botox (or a combination) can elevate the brow, relax crow’s feet and eliminate frowns.

The right mix of these nonsurgical procedures can nearly mimic the results of plastic surgery with far less risk and downtime.


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