Sali Peel

Sali Peels are Super Fast

In just five minutes, this beta hydroxyacid peel leaves skin with a healthy, youthful, smooth and tight appearance. Fine lines and wrinkles are less apparent and the skin tone is more even. This procedure is especially helpful for acne and brown spots.

Why SaliPeel is Best for Oily Skin

Because beta hydroxy acid penetrates the pores, the effect on oily or acne-prone skin is particularly helpful.

Instant Visible Results:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles become less apparent
  • Skin tone appears to even out
  • Enlarged pores appear smaller
  • Superficial scars appear reduced
  • Application takes just five minutes



Just 5-Minutes to Youthful, Vibrant Skin!

Here’s what happens:

After cleansing your face, the peel solution is applied to your face. Within a few minutes, a filmy mask will appear. Some slight discomfort is predictable during the first two to three minutes. The mask is washed off and you will apply moisturizer to hydrate and protect the skin. Your skin may appear slightly rosy for a day or two and may begin to peel to some degree. However, the moisturizer provided will minimize the appearance of flaking. You will be given directions for proper post-peel cleansing and skincare.


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*Individual Results May Vary

Follow-Up Care:

Of course, you need to continue caring for your skin by using sunscreen, cleansing and moisturize daily, and avoid harsh, irritating products such a scrubs and masks. Dr. Pilest will provide additional information regarding the frequency of having the SaliPeel procedure and will give you information on products that will expand the improvements.

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*Individual Results May Vary