Skin cancer treatment is not pretty and it can get pretty scary. Prevention is the key.

Lisa, age 36 | Total Skin Cancers to Date: 76

Both UV-B and UV-A rays damage the skin and can lead to skin cancer. Tanning salons use lamps that emit both UV-A and UV-B radiation. View FDA Resource on Indoor Tanning

While tanning beds are trending down as women get smarter, there are still those who think that skin cancer “won’t happen to me”. Don’t make that mistake.

Protecting your skin is pretty simple once you get in the mindset.

  • Sunscreen or sun block
  • Hats
  • Protection at the beach or by any body of water
  • Nix the tanning beds

Note: We recently had a company rep from Johnson and Johnson visit our office who kindly left some samples of the Aveeno brand lotions (they all work well!) We won’t disclose age range, but just say she was at an age where we typically see considerable sun damage. HER skin was like milk…soft, smooth, clear and not a spec of pigmentation or roughness. Asked about her secret? “No sun and sun screen!” she said. When she comes back in, we’ll ask if we can take some photos.