Wisdom and experience are big keys to success, but so is appearance.
Keeping a competitive edge demands more than it used to and men are more widely recognizing the power of appearance.

Cosmetic surgery for men is increasing, but…

Plastic surgery has primarily been a female domain; and for good reason. Men’s skin is thicker and tends to respond differently – frequently not in a good way. Eye surgery for men is extremely unpredictable in its outcome. The bigger reason surgery is less attractive to men is that they don’t want to look like they’ve had cosmetic surgery.

secret-man-successMen like it minimal

Men, in general, appreciate the minimal procedures such as:

  • Kybella for reducing a double chin. The effects can be dramatic in accentuating the desired masculine profile. Plus, the new definition of the chin will make any man look trimmer.
  • CoolSculpting for contouring the belly and flanks. Liposuction is “scary” and what man is willing to wear compression garments??
  • Botox for opening up the eyes and dispensing with the frown. Botox is the #1 treatment request we have from men. It’s simple, effective, has no downtime, and there’s no worry of weird looking eyes for the two years it takes for eyelid surgery to “settle”.
  • Fillers for increasing chin projection and sharpening the jawline. Radiesse and Restylane work wonders in imitating an implant. A quick injection beats surgery anytime.

Would a non-invasive procedure work well for you?

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