Sweltering heat does a number on your skin. Some of the more common skin issues that come with high heat levels

Biggest heat problems

• Increased sebum (oil) and clogged pores
• Heat is a catalyst for increased melasma and pigmentation. It’s not just sun that turns on your pigment producing cells!
• Dehydration and more noticeable wrinkles. A/C, as good as it feels, actually helps dry out your skin by removing moisture from the air and that desk fan dries you out too.
• Heat stress –  Stress for any reason makes your skin more susceptible to rashes and infection…it’s a neuropeptide thing.
• Swimming Pool skin : Those extra dips in the pool? Well, let’s just say that chlorine isn’t your skin’s BFF.

Tips to help your skin stay sane in the heat

• Drink lots of water (add in a sport drink for electrolytes if you’re sweating a lot)
• Moisturize 24-7. Now’s the time to really make sure you are a moisturizing fiend! A.M., P.M.. before going out, to bed, to work or even just hanging out at home
• Get a shower filter. They last for months and make your skin happier and softer
• Wear a hat – keeps you cooler all over and helps prevent pigmentation problems
• Promise your skin an extra 7 rinse splashes after cleansing. You’ll notice improved hydration immediately
• Moisturizer for every skin. Oily skin needs moisture too (the oil free kind). Helps liquify oil that can clog
• Go Pro with Medical Microdermabrasion and Salipeels to rehydrate and unclog pores, allowing absorption of megawatt products that work for YOUR skin

Invest in a humidifier. In the dry climate we have here, combined with A/C in the car and everywhere else, any extra moisture you can add to your personal environment will help your skin look and feel and behave better.