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Fillers for Dark Circles Under Eyes and Under Eye Hollows


Fillers DO work to alleviate dark circles under the eyes and hollows under the eye. Combine genetic or age-related under eye hollows with long work hours and you have a double whammy.

Naturally we all tend to get some hollowing under the eyes as the fat pads move around and diminish. The shadowing that occurs accentuates that volume loss with dark circles, so you don’t have to have a deep under eye hollow for it to seem severe.

Filler – the surgery alternative

Previous to gel fillers, the only solution was eyelid surgery. But now, a quick office visit for an injection of Restylane gel filler and you’re pretty well fixed for a good year. The HA gel tends to remain in that area longer than others, so the correction is long lasting.

Most people would assume injecting filler under the eye is painful. It’s not. The nerve bundles are easy to avoid and most patients fill very little during the process. You’ll see how simple the process is in the video below. I use a smooth tipped cannula for a near-pain-free process.

Patients who are a tiny bit nervous about placing filler under the eye can be assured that if they don’t like it, it can be dissolved. But all patients we’ve treated love the results, saying “I don’t look tired anymore!”

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