Getting good results in reducing problematic fat bulges seems to get harder all the time. Probably the evolution of our diet – and the hormones present in so many of our foods – make achieving a trim body more difficult than it was a few decades ago.

Swim, gym, walk, diet, vitamins, slim shakes – When nothing else works, or you’re just tired of frustrating yourself, there’s a new EASIER WAY to take on stubborn fat bulges.

Called CoolSculpting, Fat Freezing, Zeltiq – they all mean the same thing : Cryolipolysis – killing off fat cells with cold.

The idea came from popsicle cheeks – a condition doctors noticed decades ago when kids who sucked on lots of popsicles had fat loss in their cheeks.

A very smart company named Zeltiq came along and put that reaction to cold to good use with a technology branded CoolSculpting. Now love handles, spare tires, muffin tops and belly fat are the targets of the procedure and all it takes is an hour per area and a couple months’ patience.