Dr. Pilest has been using MicroCannula and MicroNeedling with great success.

The microcannula is a thin flexible tiny tube with a smooth (not sharp) tip that is used to place fillers. This eliminates the need for multiple needle sticks and greatly reduces bruising. Used in tandem with the Accuvein device that shows location of blood vessels, the bruising risk for injectables has virtually been eliminated in most instances. (Some products still require needles for injection and with microcannula, a needle is used to create an entry point.)

As a trainer for Eclipse Aesthetics, Dr. Pilest provides hands on training for the use of both the microcannula and also automated microneedling.

Microneedling employs an automatic pen which makes small openings in the skin. These openings greatly absorb topical products making them more effective. Microneedling is also used in conjunction with the topical application of PRP – platelet rich plasma.