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Nissan Pilest Chosen OC Top Doc 2016

Dr. Pilest is honored for a 2nd year by the Orange County Medical Association. Top Doctors are chosen by their medical peers as the doctor they would see themselves or send their family to.


Kybella – Your “Need to Know”

Dr. Pilest among the first Dermatologists to access the double chin removing injectable Kybella. See what you need to know before choosing to consider Kybella.

Dr. Pilest Featured Patients in NewBeauty Magazine

Dr. Pilest’s patients’ before and after photos were featured in New Beauty Magazine’s Winter 2013 issue. New Beauty is a national “big book” magaine dedicated to the beauty industry. Featuring the latest in cosmetic procedures, New Beauty has become the “go to” publication for men and women who want to see what’s available for improving appearance and stalling the aging process.

Dr. Pilest was approached by the publication to submit photos to be used in the editorial sections on fillers and injectables.


Injection Danger Zones Docent LLC Cadaver WorskshopDr. Pilest Attends Injection-Safety Cadaver Workshop

Injection safety has become an important issue with the new uses of injectables. Core physicians were invited to participate in a one-of-a-kind Human Cadaver workshop developed by Docent LLC. Physicians were presented with a unique hands on opportunity to actually see inside the skin how fillers behave and how to safely navigate delicate structures. Avoiding the “danger zones” such as arteries and facial nerves is of the utmost importance in providing pleasing patient results as safely as possible.

“Every physician who injects fillers or toxins should at the least view and complete the online Cadaver Dissection CME by Docent LLC – and if at all possible, participate in a live workshop as they provide invaluable techniques and knowledge.” Nissan Pilest, M.D.


Dr. Pilest Voted President of Orange County Dermatological Society

The Dermatologic Society of Orange County starts 2012 with a new president, 33 year veteran Board Certified Dermatologist Nissan Pilest, and a focus on increased Continuing Medical Education for members and non members and extended efforts of public education.

The Society is home to many of the top dermatologists and academic researchers in Southern California and has been active in promoting physician leadership and involvement in community action since 1983.


Beauty with Belotero

New wrinkle filler slated to fill the gap for fine lines and superficial wrinkles and lines. Orange County Dermatology Trainer/Teacher/Professor adds new Belotero hyaluronic gel to dermal filler line-up

Although not dramatically different from the HA gels that have been in use for the last decade, Belotero is being marketed by the manufacturer as a gel which will more easily integrate with skin tissue. This enhanced integration is the key to treatment of finer lines and more superficial skin irregularities.

“The Swiss are known for their precision”, Dr. Pilest reminds. “This precision is poised to add to the perfection potential. And that definitely excites me!”


Dr. Pilest Features New Microcannula Injection to Reduce Bruising and Pain

Needles can be replaced with flexible smooth tip micro cannulas for nearly pain-free and nearly bruise-free placement of most dermal fillers.

No longer must patients endure the many needle sticks previously required to access multiple areas. With the cannula, only a few entry points are needed to access the entire lower face. For the needle phobic patient, this change alone opens up a whole new world of possibilities.


Medicis Chooses Dr. Pilest for Major Beverly Hills Filler Workshop

Dr. Nissan Pilest, a veteran Board Certified Dermatologist with 37 years’ experience, was recently invited to provide an educational workshop on the injectable products Restylane, Perlane and Dysport, offered by Medicis Pharmaceuticals.

All aesthetic physicians understand the benefit from continued education scenarios with their more established and experienced peers. No physician “knows it all”, and the constant changes in the aesthetic market demands time and attention and shared knowledge.


Isolaz Acne Laser NewsDr. Pilest Featured in Aesthetic Guide on Isolaz Success

Isolaz Acne Laser has shown to be a successful alternative to older acne laser treatments with patients aged 13 and up.

“The increased risk associated with antibiotics means more patients, young and mature, appreciate having alternatives which provide acne relief without increasing levels of antibiotic resistance or side effects common with antibiotics.”

A typical Isolaz treatment plan is once weekly for 6 weeks then occasional maintenance treatments or an “on demand” treatment if there is unexpected acne flare.


Isolaz Acne LaserOrange County Laser Specialist Nissan Pilest, MD, Vets Latest Acne Laser

Irvine Dermatologist Nissan Pilest acclaims success of new Isolaz Acne Laser in reducing acne with dual-action technology.

“With Isolaz we’ve begun a very unique and very effective method of reducing a great deal of the causative factor of acne…”


Orange County Fat Reduction Magic - Without SurgeryOrange County Fat Reduction  – Without Surgery

August 10, 2010 — OC Derm Nissan Pilest has excited patients lined up for the latest innovation in Fat Reduction – the Zeltiq. Zeltiq reduces targeted fat areas by freezing the fat cells in a process called cryolipolysis. Completely nonsurgical. the Zeltiq procedure is an FDA approved treatment for love handles, “bra line” fat and poochy abdomens. View News Release


Nissan Pilest, MD, Participates in Artefill Permanent Dermal Filler Development Consultant MeetingNissan Pilest, MD, Participates in Artefill Longterm Dermal Filler Development Consultant Meeting

May 08, 2010 — Nissan Pilest, MD, Orange County Cosmetic Dermatologist, joined a select group of invited physician participants in Suneva’s corporate forward development of Artefill (now Bellafill) dermal filler use and safety.

View News Release


Top Orange County Dermatologist Dr. Nissan Pilest Named Secretary Treasurer for Dermatological Society of Orange CountyDermatologist Dr. Nissan Pilest Named Secretary Treasurer for Dermatological Society of Orange County

February 15, 2010 — OC Derm Society elects Nissan Pilest, MD of Total Dermatology as 2010 Board Member. Dr. Pilest brings over 30 years’ experience to share with the society members. View News Release


Orange County Fraxel Trainer Nissan Pilest Chosen for Public Demo of Latest "Pigment Reduction" LaserOrange County Fraxel Trainer Nissan Pilest Chosen for Public Demo of Latest “Pigment Reduction” Laser

December 18, 2009 — Dr. Nissan Pilest, Orange County’s most visible laser dermasurgeon, was selected to help present the latest Fraxel technology during the special Illumination Tour by Solta. In a Newport Beach stopover, Dr. Pilest boarded the custom-outfitted airstream and provided a live demo of the latest Fraxel pigmentation laser, the Fraxel Dual. View News Release


Irvine Leading Dermatologist Nissan Pilest joins meeting for UCI Developing Leaders in Aesthetic TechniquesIIrvine Leading Dermatologist Nissan Pilest Joins Meeting for UCI Developing Leaders in Aesthetic Techniques

November 01, 2009 — Dr. Nissan Pilest, well known Board Certified Dermatologist in Irvine, California recently attended a special Continuing Medical Education program developed by the University of California Irvine School of Medicine and StrataMed. The program, aptly titled Developing Leaders in Aesthetic Techniques, covered a broad range of peer-collective experience in the field of cosmetic dermatology. View News Release


Orange County Derm Nissan Pilest Selected to Become Physician Trainer for Dysport®Orange County Derm Nissan Pilest Selected to Become Physician Trainer for Dysport®

August 13, 2009 — Irvine Dermatology Specialist Nissan Pilest is a selected Physician Trainer for new Dysport. Dysport is the first rival for Botox. Dr. Pilest met with Medicis CEO Jonah Shacknai at a special Dysport launch meeting in Beverly Hills along with core investigative physicians who were involved in FDA trials for Dysport. View News Release


Dr. Nissan Pilest Attends Invitation-only Speaker Training program for Allergan Medical Aesthetics

Dermatology industry leaders often call on preferred physicians to help train other physicians in the use of their products and equipment. Dr. Pilest’s long-held reputation as a seasoned and knowledgeable dermatology means he is often called upon to participate in these programs.


Dr. Pilest joins SDS Clinical Trials as Investigative Physician

Clinical trial physicians are selected for their knowlege in the field as well as for their ability to be clinically precise. SDS Clinical Trials chose Dr. Pilest as one of their investigative physicians.


Dr. Pilest presents at Solta Meeting for Thermage and Fraxel

Physicians learn best from other physicians. Dr. Pilest was called upon to demonstrate the Thermage and Fraxel technologies at a training meeting held by Solta.

At this meeting doctors and their support staff were able to view live treatments and ask questions during the demonstrations.


Dr. Pilest chosen by Reliant Technologies as Training Physician for New Fraxel Repair CO2 Laser

Fraxel Repair is a new power-addition to the world of fractonal laser. Dr. Pilest’s long time experience with lasers led to his becoming a prefector for area physicians.

Reliant Technologies, the developers of the patented Fraxel technology, seek to showcase the laser’s capabilities to do what previous lasers could not do, or could not do well.

The Fraxel lasers use a unqiue rolling laser delivery which makes for complete coverage instead of the “stamped” area delivery common in older laser technology. Dr. Pilest is pleased to be able to share his knowlege with other physicians.


Irvine Dermatologist Begins In-office Clinical Studies — Nissan Pilest, MD Combines Multi-Use Botox in Laser Resurfacing Clinical Studies

There are FDA clinical trials and there are in-office trials that physicians use for a less formal evaluation of procedures. Dr. Pilest is doing so with the effects of Botox prior to laser. Establishing a healing field that won’t disrupt skin integrity is the goal of this study.


Laser Leader Nissan Pilest First Dermatologist in Orange County to Offer Multi-Effect Skin Resurfacing with Fraxel’s New CO2 Repair Skin Laser

Fraxel’s CO2 Repair is an extremely powerful laser. Set to offer a comprehensive solution to the effects of severe sun damage and aging, this laser proves its promise.


Dr. Pilest presents Advanced Applications for Radiesse Long Term Dermal Filler

Radiesse was brought to the market for naso labial folds. Dr. Pilest has expereinced many additional uses for this long term filler, to include correction for nose irregularities, chin augmentation, cheek augmentation and jaw line definiton.

Radiesse has unique properties that allow it to hold shape wherever it’s used. Dr. Pilest shares precise techniques in achieving the best outcomes.


Dr. Pilest selected by Allergan to provide Juvederm Informational Lecture to Area Physicians.

Chosen for his expertise in dermal filler injections, Dr. Pilest is again invited by Allergan to provide training presentations to area physicians on the use of Juvederm.


Fraxel Re:pair CO2 Laser First Dermatologist in OC

Multi-effect laser treatment  for face, neck and eyelid tightening, skin resurfacing and pigmentation are some of the uses of Fraxel in Dr. Pilest’s Irvine dermatology clinic.

Reliant Technologies chose “first” physicians based upon their previous success with lasers and their previous educational accomplishments.

Dr. Pilest is pleased to be among the first dermatologists in Southern California to offer the Fraxel Repair to patients.


Changing Noses with a Needle

Nose surgery is widely considered the only option for nose refining, even when there is only a small defect. Fillers now give patients a new choice – and without surgery.

Fill a divot, smooth a nose bridge, lift a scar and balance proportion, all with the simple injection of a filler.


Fraxel – Are your Hands Telling on You?

Fraxel laser is the new treatment for aging skin — anywhere. Body skin resurfacing was “practically impractical” before Fraxel. Now your hands, neck, chest, literally any area of your body, can be gently and youthfully resurfaced by Fraxel’s innovative system.

Fraxel Dermatologist in irvine, California shows how fractional resurfacing works on all parts of the body.


Been Thermaged Lately?

Tweaking the Thermage delivery techniques has already proven to offer substantial improvements. Adding customized “PLUS” treatments creates an effective program for de-aging. Patients get a personalized recipe for both short term and long term effects.

Iin the right hands Thermage can be very effective. The key to getting results is the knowledge of how the skin reacts to heat and which areas are needed to support the areas below. Customized treatment protocols make a huge difference in outcome.


Hitting Acne Where it Hurts

By the time Erik arrived at the office of Orange County Dermatologist Nissan Pilest, the 15 year-old was in big trouble with his skin.

The physician recalled, “His face and neck were covered with extremely painful cysts, pus-filled pimples and angry red acne scars. Acne punished not just his face, but his back and shoulders, too. It was a summer day and he wore a turtle neck sweater and a baseball cap pulled low over his eyes.

“You could see that the pain of his skin was nothing compared to the pain in his soul. He was distraught, angry and visibly fought to hold back the tears.”

When Erik came in that first day, he scowled at everyone, mumbled that it was his mother’s idea and complained that he didn’t have any reason to be there, “since nothing’s going to work anyway.”

Dr. Pilest told Erik he was delighted to have him in the office because he could see the future. He promised Erik that he would ” look definitively different in a matter of weeks.”


Botox Relaxing Away the Years

There are technologically advanced skin-changing lasers and procedures coming on the market faster than most people can keep up with. Yet, one of the most amazing treatments on the market today is – you guessed it – Botox. Why?


PDT- The “Big Gun” for Acne

Resistant and Cystic Acne frequently fails to respond to typical measures of control. A safe topical two-step treatment which chemically coats and then destroys acne bacteria offers a new solution.

PDT may involve some downtime, but this downtime is nothing compared to the alternative of years being embarrassed and the lifelong potential of scars.

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