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Cosmetic Dermatology Procedures - Dr. Nissan Pilest


The most innovative laser technology available

Total Dermatology offers our Orange County dermatology patients the most innovative laser technology available. We focus on choosing the right technology that produces a safe and beautiful result. From Laser Hair Reduction to Skin Rejuvenation services, Total Dermatology is a leader in laser dermatology treatments.

Laser Treatments

Alex TriVantage – Obvious brown spots / tattoo / spots on hands
Clear+Brilliant – Gentlest laser for skin refreshing
Diolite – Fast pinpoint treatment for tiny veins and dark spots
Fraxel Repair – Serious repair for aging, sun damage
Fraxel Dual – Fast treatment for pigmentation and actinic keratosis
Hair Laser – Different lasers for different skin colors
Isolaz – Vacuum and light to clear troubled skin and kill bacteria
Smoothbeam – Smooths from inside the skin
Tattoo Laser – Removing the mistaken choices of youth
Vbeam – Treats redness, broken spider veins on face and legs
ToeNail Fungus – Accelerated treatment to deal with toenail fungus

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