Sun Damage

Sun exposure is the biggest reason behind dermatology visits because it’s the basis for so many skin conditions. From early wrinkles to sagging skin to discoloration to enlarged pores, the sun wreaks havoc with your appearance.

  • Sun induced wrinkles represent collagen and elastin loss. Look for regenerative solutions such as Clear and Brilliant Laser, Fraxel Dual, Intensif microneedling and serum infusions such as SilkPeel.
  • Pigmentation management is helped with chemical peels, Cosmelan mask, laser and radio frequency such as eMatrix.
  • Sagging represents elastosis, which is elastin loss. Intenif and Thermage are useful if sagging is not extensive.
  • Enlarged pores respond well to Clear and Brilliant Laser treatments.
  • Sunscreen or sunblock used consistently is one of your best defenses against sun damage.
  • Sunglasses and hats should be a requirement for SoCal residents.


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