WHY are consumers turning to cosmetic procedures? Top 3 reasons

  • I want to look as young as I feel or better for my age
  • I want to appear more attractive
  • I want to feel more confident

What bothers us most?

Excess weight on any part of the body 88%
Lines and wrinkles in the forehead area 56%
Lines and wrinkles between my eyebrows 55%
Lines and wrinkles around and under the eyes 69%
Lines, wrinkles and/or folds in the mid-face around the cheeks and mouth 64%
Sagging facial skin 67%
Excess fat under the chin / neck 67%
Lines and wrinkly skin on neck / chest 60%
Skin texture and/or discoloration 72%
Hair loss 43%
Acne scars 27%


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