Did you know

  • that your skin begins losing collagen in your 20’s?
  • that only a few years into menopause women experience a 40% loss of collagen?
  • that normal exposure to the environment expedites and increases collagen loss even further?

Depressing, isn’t it?

But the good news is that you don’t have to stand by and let it happen! Science has given us tools and topicals that can both PREVENT and REVERSE some of this collagen loss.

  • Prevent and protect with Vitamin C and other antioxidants and topicals
  • (Vitamin C for your skin plays a key role in the collagen regeneration miracles available today)
  • Stimulate with injectables like Sculptra
  • Stimulate with lasers
  • Stimulate with mechanical devices


  • C & E serums/Topicals – Choose serums, 10%  or 20% C creams and Retinoids (Renova / RetinA)
  • Micro needling – non laser collagen induction
  • Clear & Brilliant – gentle laser for collagen boost – great early intervention procedure
  • Fraxel or Fraxel CO2 – laser for collagen generation
  • eMatrix – radio frequency for collagen boosting with reduced pigmentation risk
  • Sculptra – collagen-stimulating injectable for facial contouring (high level)
  • Sunscreen – always, every day, no excuses!


A “should have been smarter” patient comment

“I’ve worked in the cosmetic medicine industry over 12 years. Until recently, for some crazy reason (denial?) I’d exempted myself from the very advice I was helping dispense to thousands of others. Once I started taking even the simplest of steps, I was, literally stunned!

After some light microneedling and a single bottle of Vitamin C and E serum, I’m hearing friends and colleagues remark on how much nicer my skin looks these days.  If I’d had the sense to start this a decade ago, who knows how much firmer and finer my skin would be now?”