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Dysport for Men

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Stop the Mad Dog It’s easy to “look” angry with brow furrows. Repeated muscle action from concentration ends up giving you a look you don’t want. With a muscle relaxer like Dysport, these actions are inhibited so your muscles can retrain themselves not to hold the negative expression.     Men Need More Men have… Read more

The Top 3 Skin Agers

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#1 Overdosing on Sun The number one cause of unnecessary skin damage is, quite simply, the sun. If you notice that the skin on your  hands, face and neck seem to age faster than other areas, it’s because these areas typically remain uncovered so get tons or sun exposure. Skin becomes wrinkled and thinner with repeated… Read more

How to Get Rid of Neck Fat

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If you’ve got it, you know the thousands of wishes you didn’t. Neck fat is not always caused by excess weight. Many people are well within their ideal weight range and yet still suffer because their genetic makeup deposits fat beneath the chin. Kybella treatments: 4  Weight Gain: 4 lbs Age: 47 Photos courtesy Allergan. Additional Images… Read more

Tips for Removing Nose Hair

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Everyone has nose hair. These tiny hairs have a purpose and you do need them. But, when the hairs closest to the opening grow longer and are visible outside the nasal canal, trimming or removing them becomes a cosmetic situation. However, removing nose hairs the wrong way can actually be dangerous.  Your skin and nose… Read more

The Secret to a Man’s Success?

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Wisdom and experience are big keys to success, but so is appearance. Keeping a competitive edge demands more than it used to and men are more widely recognizing the power of appearance. Cosmetic surgery for men is increasing, but… Plastic surgery has primarily been a female domain; and for good reason. Men’s skin is thicker… Read more

Prepping for Summer

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You know it’s coming. Glorious Summer is on her way with longer days, swimming pools, the beach, the golf course and the unavoidable sun damage. Here’re some quick reminders of staying safer in the sun while still enjoying the California sunshine. Hat it up. There are all kinds of styles for everyone. Pick a hat… Read more

Kybella and Khloe Promote “Chin Up”

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Reality TV star Khloe Kardashian is now an ambassador for Allergan’s Kybella in a new campaign called Live Chin Up. Chin Up is more encompassing than a single cosmetic treatment and aims to empower those who want to make positive changes in all aspects of their lives. Frumpy to Fab Khloe re-invented her image by… Read more

How to “Accidentally” Look Older

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Want to look older in mere seconds? Thick makeup can add 10 years in the 10 seconds it takes to put it on your face.  The makeup that “covers it all” is not likely to be doing you any favors. So why do so many women feel the need for mask-like makeup? A big part… Read more

Botox and the Happiness Effect

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I often remark, “Botox is magic”. We continue to be to surprised and delighted with newfound purposes and effects. Botox for cosmetic use began its journey to stardom when a physician couple began looking into the  desirable “side effects” of medical Botox used in ophthalmology. This unique couple from Vancouver (good story, you’ll like it) set the stage for… Read more

Simple Youth”ing” Lifestyle Changes

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Our practice focuses on “fixes” and “prevention” using technology. But looking younger and feeling younger adds up best when you practice a whole health program. From the foods you you eat to the fabrics you wear to the number of hours you sleep at night; you’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to taking… Read more

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